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Regarding bees

They provide bee pollen, Royal Jelly, and a variety of honey needed for many conditions.

The Tasmanian famous bee industry is also sucumbing to environmental change caused by industry and the like.

Go to any Tasmanian website that deals with this subject and you will see.

Bee propolis fights infections in every part of the body.

The wonderful natural substances that God has given us are breaking down. While I do not agree with Einsteins theory about only four years left after the disappearance of bees, it nevertheless appears we are in trouble on this count.

The worlds leaders should consult the Word of God for answers. It has all the answers all of the time and for ever.

Is it no wonder that the wisdom of man is foolishness with God.


Chris Newnham

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 Re: bees.......

Hi Paddy,

To reply to an ongoing thread please use the "Reply" tab at the top of the page where the discussion is that you would like to respond to, it helps keep things cohesive. Can you paste this over to this thread?

[url=]Bees are dying off. 60-70% missing on the East&West Coast. Spreading in Europe.[/url]

Then we can remove this post and make things easier to follow.


Mike Balog

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