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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Are all Christians the Bride of Christ?

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 Re: Bride of Christ


KrispyKrittr wrote:
In reference to Mahoney and Jims' most recent posts... I was wondering how long it would take for those questions to pop up. It took longer than I thought!


... this is the "can of worms" which I spoke of!


Yes, and what excellant worms they are!

As to Mahoney and Jims:

I want as many people in the Church as we can get to come, but if they are not reached before they die, and before Christ returns, I wanted people to know there is a chance for them, but only through the Great White Thone Judgement.

Not my idea of a good way to get into heaven, but there for those we have not reached.

May they at least have seen God in the cosmos, and being weighed in the balance, not be found wanting.

Alas, this includes many children of Abraham, through Jacob's line, that follow the Law, and do not seek Christ for Grace. So few will go into the Millenium, and most (5786 +/- years worth) may be going through that judgement. It rather depends for those before Christ, and who were not witnessed to while Christ was in Hades/Sheol(not Hell).

Besides, I support Missions!

Ah Krispy, do you not see that 'worms' are good food for the mind? All protein to those of us used to Grace, that may need their Bible's opened.



Forrest Anderson

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 Re: Are all Christians the Bride of Christ?

I open this thread again because I was having the same question many years ago and I somehow agree with bro. Ravenhill that there is a difference between the Church and the Bride.

Revelation 19:7-8
Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.”
It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

Question: Who is the bride?
Answer: the one who "has made herself ready."
the one who had her clothe ready, bright and clean.

The bride receives her clothe from the Lord but she is the one who is making that clothe with the "righteous acts of the saints."

Search for information about a typical Jew wedding in Bible time. A virgin had to be ready before the marriage ceremony. If she was not ready she was not qualified to be a bride.

more insight on this matter from T.A. Sparks

The Calling of the Whole Church

We must dismiss another thing: the idea that the bride is a select company, chosen and appointed to be like this. We must make no such distinction and discrimination between the church given as a whole and the bride. The whole church is called to this — that is the revelation of the New Testament; not only some, but the whole church. Whether the whole church will arrive, or arrive at the same time, is an open question, but we are all called to it, every one. This is incumbent upon us all, not merely upon some called “overcomers”, a “bride”, “firstfruits”, and so on. This is the church in view. There may be those who move ahead of others, who go on more rapidly than others, who satisfy the Lord more quickly than others; the others may lag behind and come on afterwards; but whether all attain unto the same glory or not, this is what we are all called to. None of us is excused by any provision made by the Lord. The Lord has not got pigeon-holes already fixed, saying, “We put first-class Christians in there and second-class Christians in there, and provide for them accordingly.” He has only one pigeon-hole in view. If you do not come into it He has not provided a place for you anywhere else, and He has told you that you will lose very much. It is a very serious thing not to answer to Him in the primary way.

The Bride, the Wife of the Lamb

“The bride, the Lamb’s wife.” Do not ask the mechanical question, Who will be in the bridal party? Who will comprise the bride? There again you are mentally dividing things up. I can tell you at once who will be the bride. Not a certain number of people who are called to be the bride, as different from others, but those who come to the bridal position spiritually. They will be the bride, and that is open to everyone. The bride is not a technical term belonging to a certain class, order and section of Christians. It is a spiritual term belonging to a condition, a spiritual state.

“The bride, the Lamb’s wife”, is the term here. “The Lamb’s wife” — what does that mean? The Lamb was one who suffered in meekness. “As a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and as a sheep that before her shearers is dumb, so he opened not his mouth” (Isa. 53:7). The Lamb went that way: the bride will know the fellowship of His sufferings, and must be of the same spirit of meekness. No standing for her own rights, upon her own dignity, asserting her own interests, but letting go to the Lord, in self-emptying and meekness. That is the Lamb, and that is the bride, the Lamb’s wife, taking her character from Him.

The Lamb in the Midst of the Throne

Ah, but there is the other side. There is a Lamb in the midst of the throne. There is the wrath of the Lamb — the Lamb shall make war. The mighty “beast” rears himself — what a terrific force is represented by the “beast” here. He is let loose in all his ferocity and malignity and evil and mighty power. And then the Lamb makes war and smashes the beast, destroys him. The LAMB does it. There is a mighty power bound up in this weakness. Oh, we have not yet learned the strength of weakness, the strength of emptiness, which means that there is nothing in ourselves but everything in the Lord. When the Lord gets people there, the enemy is afraid; something is going to happen. We can never overcome the enemy while we are standing up for our own rights, while we are in any way defending our own interests, looking after our own name, being something or trying to be something or hold on to something. The enemy laughs at us, breaks us. When we know that meekness of the Lamb, the meekness of Jesus Christ, then the enemy’s power is going to be weakened and destroyed. These are principles in the book.

The wife of the Lamb is going to be with Him in His throne. Let us dismiss the symbolism and grasp the principle and the spiritual meaning. It is absolute ascendency in Heaven over all the forces of the earth and hell, vested in the Lamb, and conferred upon His bride, the Lamb’s wife. It is the mighty power of a yielded life, the mighty power of weakness of the right kind — that is, of dependence, conscious dependence upon the Lord.

Vasile Filip

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