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 Remembering the victims of the VTech shooting

I was looking at this CNN site and noticed this listing for Lauren McCain:

On her MySpace page, Lauren McCain listed "the love of my life" as Jesus Christ.

Her family said the 20-year-old international studies major became a Christian some time ago.

Her uncle, Jeff Elliott, told The Oklahoman newspaper that she was an avid reader, was learning German and had almost mastered Latin.

She was home-schooled and had worked at a department store for about a year to save money for college.

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 Re: Remembering the victims of the VTech shooting

The best man in my wedding, the brother who discipled my wife and I as new believers; Lauren was his neice. He left the other day to fly to VA and be with the family. Laurens brother is is not a Christian and is said to have renounced Christ. I doubt he was a believer in the first place. Please prayer for her brother. Also, please pray for my friend Chris as he goes to be with the family. Pray God would give him wisdom and that he would be able to point them all towards Christ.

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Yes, that Christ may be glorified in the lives of those affected, including those you know personally.

In Him - Jim

 2007/4/19 12:20

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[url=]Act of Bravery by a Teacher[/url]

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Besides [b]Lauren McCain[/b] there are also:

[b]Matthew La Porte[/b] (active in Campus Crusade for Christ)

[b]Austin Cloyd[/b] (active methodist who worked with poor and did missions)

[b]Rachael Hill[/b] (parents were active in church, active in her Baptist church, her life was about 'bringing glory to Christ'... "The C.S. Lewis quotation that Hill chose to appear under her yearbook photo appears as almost prophetic: "God, who foresaw your tribulation, has specially armed you to go through it, not without pain but without stain." )

[b]Jarrett Lane[/b] (active in Campus Crusade, The Roanake Times reports that in a facebook posting, he described himself foremost as a Christian.)

[b]Nicole Regina White[/b] (Taught Sunday School, had deep faith and worked with YMCA)

[b]Brian Bluhm[/b] (Active Baptist... "Brian was a Christian, and first and foremost, that's what he would want to be remembered as," Bluhm's close friend, Michael Marshall told the AP.)

[b]Mary Karen Read[/b] (Active in Campus Crusade for Christ, was planning on being a leader next year)

Those were the few I could confirm based on the wanting articles online... often a family member would say 'they loved Jesus' and the report would write, 'they were religious.'

Ian Smith

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