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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Bees are dying off. 60-70% missing on the East&West Coast. Spreading in Europe.

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Where was I when this one started, man. Anyways interesting subject.

 2007/7/12 23:26


You were preaching love out in the highways and by-ways and on this Forum.

The LORD wouldn't let you 'miss anything'. :-D

 2007/7/12 23:28

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Now this train thing is very weird....never heard that thing before. Seems to me they sure are going into alot of bother to kill folks when there would be easier ways of doing it if that is what they want to do.

I remember well back in the 60s or 70s we were told that shopping malls were built with the idea they could be converted to prisons or concentration camps to house whoever they decided to imprison. Ain't happened yet, but of course that may not mean anything either.

Then there was Khrushchev, premier of the USSR, who declared communism would take over the USA by 1973...ain't happened yet but I am sure it came awfully close already.

In the 50s there was a scare about an atomic war and people were urged to build bomb shelters, stockpiled with canned food and water. Now you may find one in a museum, displayed to showcase the hysteria that swept our county back then...I remember and it was not funny.

Y2K came and went with the prophets of doom being proven full of hot air. And there were people who profited by this scare. A local man stockpiled weapons and ammo in anticipation of anarchy marching up to his doorstep. Didn't happen when they were expecting...

Now it is the bees and the birds disappearing. Reckon that is something tangible. I have also heard that Haiti has no birds or very few. One man also said China has no birds...can't prove it by me, though...does this mean anything?

Yet people, regardless of their view of eschatology, sense something is afoot which does give rise to a ton of speculation. Now this will require real Spirit led discernment. For this I pray.


PS: Corey, Ya better build your shelter big might find friends coming out of the woodwork who will fight to use your shelter!

Sandra Miller

 2007/7/12 23:31Profile



GrannieAnnie wrote:
You were preaching love out in the highways and by-ways and on this Forum.

:-P ha ha ha ha..he hehehehe too funny...

 2007/7/12 23:39


The trains are for those who don't have "good" organs for "recycling". I kid you not.

My husband went to a Christian Businessman Convention way back when and the guest speaker spoke about "shipments of guillotines" that came here from France.

We told our Pastor about it and he laughed.

Some months later he told us that he saw the mention of it on ABC news. This was back in '94.

Last report I heard of these guillotines they were up to 20,000 that are known about.

I read last nite that they are the quickest way to kill someone and yet get the organs.

If you do a Search on "Detention Centers" you'll find that there are over 300 in this country that are known about thus far.
They are mainly closed military bases and airports and government properties closed off from the public.

Gorby took over after Khrushchev and after he left office he was stationed here making policy at the Persidio in California, where also the "World Religion" was drafted for the UN by some Episcopal guy, but I believe, because of all of this publicity, they closed the Persidio and made it into a shopping center. Ha.

Some countries have shelters for ALL of their people. Oh well, huh ?

The Y2K frenzy was started by our government and I clipped out of the Newspapers all the quotes that originated from Senators and the Y2K "char" and that's what made the folks go bonkers .... but it was to loose the purse strings in D.C. to make a world wide system where all computers would be "compliant to Each Other".

Again, the birds and the bees are going because of chemtrails.
We're old enough to know that contrails Never lasted but a few seconds to minutes.
These, stay in the sky all day and grow to a complete cloud cover.
They've been tested by Researchers and contain everything from barium, bacteria, dried blood, and a host of other materials.

Control the food and you control the people.

All these new diseases too.
Again, type in "global depopulation".

Yeah, despite our eschatology - we're being or will be bumped off with the birds and the bees.

But I've known this for almost 23 years and there's No Fear.
I can't wait to see [b]Jesus[/b]. Yeeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Blessin's to ya sister.
See ya there :-D

 2007/7/12 23:58


GrannieAnnie said

Hey bro, don't call yourself an anarchist or any type. That's ain't good. That's like antinomian.

And what's wrong with math?

I just found out that I'm a valetudinarian.

Wow! Are you still allowed to eat fish?

Love ya and keep these News items coming, unless you feel that anarchist feeling against being asked to keep posting.

Christian Anarchism is to Christendom as Libertarianism is to Politics - ie, let a person decide for himself.

ginnyrose said
PS: Corey, Ya better build your shelter big might find friends coming out of the woodwork who will fight to use your shelter!

Git away from ma' gooooold, ya vagrants!

 2007/7/13 0:53

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