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 Confessin sins to men for forgiveness...

Question 1.)

If a man committed murder at age 18, then lived a normal, productive life until age 90, and then accepted Christ, is part of repentance unavoidably to confess his crime to the authorities? Without confession can that man really be assured that his repentance was legitimate?

Question 2.)

Apply this to income tax evasion. If a man did side jobs in 1987 earning $2000 in one year, and did not reveal that portion of his income to be taxed, and then came to Christ in 2006, is his repentance legitimate if he refuses to confess his crime and deal with the penalty? Does he not prove his love of home and reputation and comfort if he will not confess the stolen money and accept the consequences?

Honest question, biblical answers desired. Not seeking any particular answer besides whatever is found in the word.

Love, Mike:.

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 Re: Confessin sins to men for forgiveness...

Can I be blunt, since we are dealing with hypothetical questions?

These questions seem strange, something not quite right. But that is only my opinion, so it can be dismissed.

First, a non-Biblical example that I witnessed some years ago.

A man came into the church we were attending and repented. After becoming a Christian, he wanted to make restitution, get right in the moral sense.

He had broken into someone's house and stolen a t.v.

My husband and I took him to the police station.

The police were indifferent about the situation.

Since the crime had not been committed in that city, he would have to go to the city where the crime had been committed, which was miles away.

Now, let's look at scripture.

Matt 3v8, 'Therefore, bear fruits worth of repentance.

John the Baptist spoke this to the Pharisees and Sadducees, but how does this not apply to us?

Luke 3v7-14. Here, John the Baptist is speaking again. Tax collectors had been baptised and asking what they should do.

Noticed, they asked him first.

Soldiers also asked him what to do. He told them, in essence, to be honest.

In Luke 19, we have the story of Zacchaeus, his salvation was seen in verse 8, where he says, '...Look, Lord. I give half of my good to the poor, and if I have taken aything from anyone by false accusation, I restore fourfold'

No doubt, there are other scriptures and other comments that will be made.

God bless.

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