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 Internet Bible Study Tools

Below is a list of my favorite Internet Bible study tools. I realize most of us use Internet, and software resources as well as textbooks. I compiled this list over the last two years, and have found them to be useful. Maybe they could be of use to someone else. I compiled them for a Hermenutics Bible College course I teach. They are in the following format: Title/ description/url. Maybe there are a few you haven't seen yet.

Blue Letter Bible Search Engine (commentaries, dictionaries, video and audio teaching)

Revelation Study Guide

Polyglot Bible (Gospel of Luke data based in 30 languages for side by side comparison of up to seven languages on one page)

Audio Bible Online

Cyber Hymnal (Thousands of hymns with background info on composers)

Bible Notes (like cliff’s notes for the Bible)

Teaching the Word Bible Studies

Translated Bibles in many languages

Apostolic Bible (A trilinear Greek, English, Strong’s numbered translation online) for Old (why?) and New Testament

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (e-books, classic Christian books word for word)

The Catholic Encyclopedia Online (The Catholics HAVE Church History)

Creation Super Library (creation vs. evolution facts included in various languages)

Jewish History (online texts and documents related to Jewish history)

The Jewish Virtual Library (Exhaustive collection of everything Jewish)

Judaism 101

Temple Mount in Jerusalem (current news and information)

Virtual 3D Tour of the Holy Land (slow loading “heavy” graphics, start with Israel)

The Vatican Holy See (worthless site, but different)

Bible Maps

Web Bible Encyclopedia (should be called dictionary but has great info)

My Jewish Learning (lessons about Judaism)

Biblical Language Websites:

Aklah – The Jewish Children’s Learning Network (has printable flashcards, etc.)

Biblical Language Lab

Greek Bible Online

Starting With Aleph (teaches Hebrew alphabet)

Animated Aleph Bet Page (teaches alphabet in Hebrew for kids)

Torah Tots (Hebrew for kids)

Greek Summary Lectures (These are the actual Bible College lectures by the author of Basics of Biblical Greek, Bill Mounce. They cover the basics of the first ten chapters.)

Hebrew Old Testament Masoretic text online (must download free fonts to view actual Hebrew)

Bible Truths Online

or check out the Greek Course


Vicky Hunt

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 Re: Internet Bible Study Tools

Title/ description/url. Maybe there are a few you haven't seen yet.

Thank you so much Vicky for sharing these. I am going to be busy checking some of them out. I you knew me you would know to find a chrisitan website that I have not seen is quite hard. But you have a great list here of many that I have never seen, this is a treat. :-D

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Boy, another reminder to get these favorites/bookmarks cleaned up and in order.

What a list! Much thanks Vicky, will echo Greg's comment's...a few I haven't seen here as well.

Mike Balog

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