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 Some things to think about

I received this email and thought it was a good read, so I am sharing it with you for some thought for prayer.

A Gathering

John 6:67 then said Jesus unto the twelve, will ye also go away?

The carnal was leaving Jesus, as His meat and drink was God, rather than
religious symbols, types and shadows. Carnal meat and drink is just that:
carnal, and a spiritual preacher cannot take a carnal people and build a
church. It's not their meat and drink. It takes a carnal preacher to build a
carnal church. Jesus said to Peter, "upon this rock i will build My church,
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!" The rock of the
revelation of Jesus Christ is the only rock his church can ever be built

The anointing gathers the anointed. The carnal gathers the carnal. It's
impossible for the carnal to eat Jesus' flesh drink His blood. Oh, they may
have juice or wine and a wafer and call it "communion," but only the
anointing can bring truly HOLY communion!

Jesus didn't have to give up a carnal people; they gave Him up. The carnal
says, "don't go too far, you will lose "members." That is true. If you do
go on in Jesus, you have lost them.

The fire is in Zion, so you won't find the carnal there. It's too hot and
too pure for them to stand. The carnal has no city of refuge, but the
spiritual does. The carnal man is not willing to live on what the Lord
provides, so he cheats, lies, moves away from where the Lord wants him,
carrying his broken cistern and blemished offerings. He covers his broken
cistern up with a fig leaf and says I have water to drink, so leave me
alone. The carnal spends his whole biological life on earth trying to prove
he is "ok"! How often do we hear, "the Lord gave me a mind of my own" and
"God helps those who help themselves"? But in the spirit we know how weak
and needy we are. This carnal mind wasn't made right to work in the
spiritual being. And the spirit is ever at enmity with the carnal in us,
driving us further into Jesus

2 Timothy 1:10 but is now made manifest by the appearing of our saviour
Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and
immortality to light through the gospel:

To abolish death is to abolish the carnal mind. He is making a place for
him to lay his head, which is the mind of his father: the mind that he was
the express image of.

Jesus' life is more than bill gates' billions. There is no comparison.

I have been feeling the Lord's closeness the past few days...a quiet peace
is upon me. I feel he is building that quiet peace in me...and it will
grow and grow until nothing shall harm me because I am so in Him. This
peace is found in the pathway of righteousness. You can imagine the peace
Noah felt with the door shut. I believe he also felt that peace as he built
the ark, even though his family and friends and neighbors were probably
looking at him like he was crazy. He didn't smite the rock for any body.
Just kept building a boat in a parched land. There was a gathering about to
happen, and it was God-ordered. Noah knew.

That ark was tailor-made for eight people and all those animals. That shows
He loves His animals. Meanwhile, the earth held the seed under the soil for
every plant and tree God had created, so, after the flood and the sun shone
again, they replenished the earth. I am seeing something...God preserved
the plant life by seeds already in the ground waiting for the waters to
subside, and He preserved the animals by sending pairs to the ark and He
preserved his people in Noah and his family. God will always preserve what
is His. He has His precious seed. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness
thereof! And all of Cain was left out. Out of the earth and out of the
ark, a new world was born. Out of the earth and out of His womb, a new
creation will be born.
The Lord never has to change a plan because of conditions changing in the

They are always right on time. That quiet confidence is being built into
me no matter what happens on the outside. Jesus is my Manager. We smile
and we have peace and joy in His presence while He manages.

We don't wring our hands and pull hair. Our Jesus is not confused. We
don't ask the Lord, "Are you sure you can bring me into that situation, or
deliver me out of this situation?" Instead, we are to put the axe to the
root of the tree. We are to let the old dead tree fall, and let the old man
cry out..."Let me be. I am finished." Lust, I am chopping you down! Fear
and doubt, I am chopping you down. Fretting over cares of this world, I am
chopping you down. Pride, i am chopping you down! Dead religion and
doctrines of men, I am chopping you down! In everything we go to the root.
The love of money is the root of all evil. Money is not God, and it is not
to be worshipped, or to take the place of God. So fretting over MONEY, I
chop you down!

A carnal preacher cannot build a spiritual church any more than a spiritual
preacher can build a carnal church. Notice the Egyptians had the Israelites
put straw in their bricks. The carnal church is built with mud and clay
shaped by human hands and the sweat of their brow. But God's true house is
built of living stones; not mud and hay. It is not built with human hands
but it is built by the blood sweat from Jesus' brow! The blood sweat was in
the garden of Gethsemane where he said let this cup pass from me, however
not my will but thine be done, my father. He is the builder. He is the
chief cornerstone!

A spiritual preacher will not gather the carnal. The carnal usually run him
off or leave themselves. That preacher sees the spiritual does not bring
people like what he wants, so he goes carnal to get it. If there is only
one spiritual person gathered at the sound of the preaching, then that's
what the spiritual preacher gets, and he rejoices about that! The carnal
cannot sneak in. The Lord doesn't have to add a carnal crowd to make up
the number. His election is established from the foundation of the earth!

Our spiritual preacher Jesus is building this church, and this church is an

That is why we have that peace. I can tell my carnal mind to "shut up,"
because Jesus is the manager! With the beast gone, there will be no need
for hay, just needles. With Jesus preaching there will not even be one

From now on no hammer will be needed. Praise God. No mud and straw will be
needed. The stones are already gathered and He sends us the building
material as we go out in the anointing. The slaves of Jesus are not held by
oppressive, carnal men, gathering and building their own empires in the
world. They are slaves whose ears are bored to the doorposts and follow the
Lamb wherever He goes.

Habakkuk 2:3 says" for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the
end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it
will surely come, it will not tarry." This prophesies the coming of Jesus
preaching. It is a preaching from the Open Book, the Book whose seals are
broken by the only One who is worthy to break them: The Holy Lamb of God.
It speaks of the end of carnal preaching, carnal gathering, carnal works and
carnal kingdoms.

Jesus had the anointing to create and feed thousands. Jesus' life has never
known sin, or lust. And if the scripture tells us we are partakers of that
divine nature, then the anointing to create and feed thousands is there for
us, and it knows no sin or lust! So the question will be: are we truly
partakers of His divine nature? Or are we merely wishing we could be? We
have to quit wishing and hoping it is so and start believing it is so.
Believe is a powerful action verb, if, in fact, we truly believe. That
power of creating is waiting for a people to do His creating through, and
that, at a set time.

This whole plan is running on the Lord's timer. And no man knoweth the day
or the hour, save the Father who sends Him. Men are trying to set a date for
when "perfection" will come. Are they God? No man knoweth. Men are trying
to figure out when the world will end, when judgment will come. The carnal
mind cannot know. Only those in the mind of Christ will know as He knows.
He tells us what belongs to us, and then we are right in going after it.

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?

Jesus asks, "wilt thou be made whole?" Remember, that poor lame man at the
pool of Bethesda "had no man" to help him get well. Praise God, Jesus saw a
man with a theologically blank slate to work with! And he looked right at
him and said, "Take up thy bed and walk." That man probably said, "what the
heck, why not?" And believed Jesus unto righteousness and walked! And there
is so much the anointing believes for. We have been that man at the pool for
a long time. As we trust Jesus and love Him, we realize we have 'no man' to
help us. Only Jesus can make us whole.

No man can heal someone of cancer, of diabetes, of depression, or of
addiction. They can cut, remove, inject, and administer "treatments or
therapies," and hope for the best, but that patient still has no man who can
make him whole. The Good News is we have Jesus, Who is the cure.

You can read books, articles, hear people's opinions and suggestions. But
only Jesus can heal us and make us whole. Look at Job. He endured man's
contradiction all through his horrible situation. He had no man who could
help him. However, his eyes remained fixed on his Redeemer whom he knew
lived, and he declared, "HEY, devil, I am going to stand with HIM in that
day!" We are Humpty Dumpty's and all the "man-king's horses and all the
man-king's men" cannot put us together again. We have no man to help us.
Only the King of kings!

Men cannot make us younger, or give us renewed energy and strength. We can
eat good foods, take vitamins and exercise, but only Jesus can truly renew
our strength and recreate these bodies. We can doctor ourselves up, go to
beauty shops, spas, buy great clothes and go to self-help seminars, sleep
clinics and head doctors, but only Jesus can perfect us. Sometimes I don't
have much energy, but I always have what I needed for that day, because
Jesus manages.

No one can say Jesus is Lord except by having some of His life, which is His
Spirit. We have the same teacher Peter and Paul had, and the same
opportunities in Christ all the other "Bible Guys" had.

So the Lord would say to us this day, "now believe what I have been giving

Blessings and Shalom,


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 Re: Some things to think about

As the old saying goes like attracts like.

The carnal will gravitate toward the carnal, the spiritual to the spiritual.

'...the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. Rom 8v7.

Our trust and confidence should be in God, but how often do we look to the flesh instead.

Good article. Thanks.

God bless.

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