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Canadian in America (Bremerton, WA) "A stranger in a strange land..."

 An Intro...

My name is William Thomas Anderson and I have been a minister for about 10 years. I host a new aggressive Christianity training site ( help the team I disciple in Bremerton WA, USA where I am located and also help train disciples all over the world. I am presently a director with the Salvation Army and have been on staff for over two years in total with them both in Canada where I'm from and here in the US. My present contract with them is ending and I will be starting a independent home church in the worst postal district for crime and poverty in WA state. My wife and daughter and I are very blessed with the challenge to live with and have all things in common with all who I minister to.
I have only one focus and ministry, to love our Father with all my heart (mind), soul (mind) and mind (mind) by worshiping Him and winning, training and deploying souls for war. All else is vanity, IMO.
I have been a silent observer of this site since I first learned of it several years ago and I must say how thankful I am for it and its excellent audio files, truly this is one of the best sites and forums in the world, IMO. I would also like to thank all the forum participants for the free sharing of their wisdom, knowledge, questions and humility (for the most part, lol) all of which has helped me in my walk and training as a minister. Please keep up the great work everyone and God bless...


William Thomas Anderson

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Nottingham, England

 Re: An Intro...

Hello and welcome Brother William, good to hear from you!

As you can see SI is a blessing to all who visit.
The sermons and teachings are exceptional.

Good to have you.

God bless.

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 Re: An Intro...

Welcome Brother,

So nice to have you. We look forward to getting to know you better.

God bless you in His endeavors and peace unto your house.


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 Re: An Intro...


Another Anderson!!!

Keep coming back, to tell us how the new ministry goes.


Forrest Anderson

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