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 SPECIAL: Easter Outreach, Part 2

Today was a very long day for our very small flock, all two of us, for not only did we preach, witness and distribute gospel tracts till early afternoon, but James was invited to go and see Jacob Prasch speaking near Liverpool, therefore more tracts were left on his train journey, the restaurant and in the church meeting itself.

Only three people were spoken to today, with James able to start off with a 18 year old Muslim boy and then an irate Jewish lady (we also were commended for our work by a youth pastor, who's just planning his church to go back to Brazil for evangelism.) The former listened, although only partially, until his phone rang and with James still in mid conversation he just walked off talking to his friend on the phone. The latter noticed James speaking to our Calvinist friends (books have now been exchanged to try and "convert" each other.) While James was talking to their deacon this lady strolled over to us while the pastor was preaching and mumbled something about “believing in God.” Both James and the deacon pressed her for further info about a personal faith in Christ. She replied negative. Further probing from James discovered she was of Jewish origin and very ignorant about the Tenach at that. As the one-two-one continued (this was after James gave her some change to buy food, for she told him she was hungry) she started to act rather strange and when James tried to explain Jesus and His Messianic credentials (something she really couldn’t or wouldn’t grasp) as he started to explain repentance she begun sniggering. When pressed what the joke was, she said simply, “I’m hungry.” As James noted she wasn’t interested in the Gospel message and with the deacon now removed from the scene, she asked how she could be saved. Although James knew she wasn’t really interested he still wanted to tell her anyway. As he did, she leaned her head back and shouted at the top of her head: “GOD I AM SORRY.” With that, James told her off for being so silly and said how her heart was all wrong. She laughed and casually walked off a few pounds better off.

Next week back to normal written write up on outreach work, but for Easter weekend, our last video clip of today’s preaching.

Please as always pray for us and those we try to minister to:

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