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 Supernatural Occurances of John Wesley

The above titled book, I have just begun to read. All the comments in the book are centered around Wesley's journal, and include Wesley's actual entries. Wow. The first few instances detailed are demoniacs that Wesley either encountered or had knowledge of. Wesley, suprisingly to me, dealt with the supernatural a great deal. He taught, however, that supernatural experience should always be interpreted through Scripture, and seemed to view things very soberly, examining them before taking supernatural events as being 'of God'.

Interesting is the demoniacs ability to see future events or see things happening in other places, just as the slave girl did in Acts. This seems to be a jewel of a book. This first chapter has got me kind of freaked out (reading it at midnight with no one else awake). I can't wait to move on to another chapter now.

Don't know anything about the organization, but this is where I ordered the book from:

More later.

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Supernatural Occurances of John Wesley

Interesting is the demoniacs ability to see future events or see things happening in other places, just as the slave girl did in Acts.

Demons can only go on what is happening in either the mind of an individual or on something happening in the world. Here's what I mean. Lets say there's a sugar cane failure in central Africa, and a demon manifesting through a damsel tells her owners that they need to buy up sugar cane, they do and they hold on to it till the market is profitable for them to sell. That is how the story in Acts went down. I supose demons operate with cell phones :-( and communicate with each other that way, just making fun here but at the same time trying to convey a truth also.

As to the mind? The christian who abides "in" the light of God, that current understanding of obedience to The Lord Jesus Christ, ....That christian IS hid in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and thier mind is exempt from demons which seeks to know what is in the heart of man inorder to ensnare them or devour them. They can neither know future events nor fortell them. If I were to tell you that .... say..... on tuesday you and I were going to go to the mall shopping, and than a month from now on tuesday we decided to go to the mall shopping, is that really foreknowledge? I think not. The control of the word of foreknowledge was always within our own control. In the same way demons will wisper something through or to an individual and than seek to manipulate the outcome.

Rest assured demons don't know the future, but they are real eninities (sp?), beings. What ya think? :-o


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 Re: Supernatural Occurances of John Wesley

I am concerned that all the links to interviews listed on the site, are paranormal rather than Christian sites.

Blessings Greg


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