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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : " This They Said - Tempting Him " ?

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 " This They Said - Tempting Him " ?

THE QUESTION: I would like to submit to all of us today is - Do we have any understanding in the four Gospels, as to why the scriptures so often use [This phrase] - "this they said tempting him" ( that is to be - tempting Christ ) ?

Tempting him ??

But tempting him - In what way though ? Does this then infer that the "religion of the Jews" were guilty in essence {of playing the Devil's advocate} in a manner of speaking ?

Saints in what way then ... would their words and their questions be of a tempting nature to Jesus ?

We often read that the Scribes and Pharisees sought to entangle Jesus in his own words, that they may find fault: And that they may have something werewith to accuse. !

On another occasion we read from Luke's Gospel - after that he got through denouncing the lawyers ~~ who actually stood in "the way" of people seeking to {enter} into the kingdom of God...that they - that is to say [the scribes and pharisees] began to urge him the more vehemenly to speak [many things]...laying wait for him and hoping to catch something out of his mouth - whereby they might accuse him - to the chief priests and to the elders of the people.

But Accuse him of what though -- Saints ??

Breaking the law
Speaking against Moses
Getting angry
Geting in the flesh
Saying something profane
Preaching out of a perceived malice or nuiance ??

The fact thet they clearly tried to [trip him up] in his speech - is not debatable or refutable, as they often went about doing just that - and that very thing.

Sometimes it is very tempting to keep something going or to perpetuate it ... or to have the last say on matters relating to doctrine (or) in defence of something you hold to in opinions.

Or even God forbid - to give somebody a piece of our minds - and to be always answering back !

But having said that: consider now wether you yourself are being tempted, or wether you are being baited ~~ to get in the flesh - or to indulge in a slinging (or) shouting match with somebody.

Ive have met "very few" Christians over the last (26) years - that can resist or defer the opportunity to answer back have the last WORD or SAY on something their disputing !

To appear vindicated and be proven right is innately strong in all of us ~~ but again as THE BOOK OF Romans tells us ~~ destroy not your brother - for whom Christ also died. !!

So What is the higher good then ? you being proven right all the time -and- feeling vindicated. Or to seek Peace and reconciliation ?

The Scribes, the chief priests, the pharisees and the rulers of the people had clearly sought to tempt Jesus many a time ...into commiting sins with his words and with his answers. ( This they said - tempting him ) But alway - and all the time they failed miserably in their mission and their quest - to be tempting him !!

The only thing [in the end] they got him on - was a "mis-quotation" - when he once spoke made this remark " destroy this temple and in three days, i raise it up again - but this he spake concerning the temple of his body. ( meaning the resurrection)

But his accusers used this to "nail him" ( no pun intended ) and to be saying -falsely- that he Jesus - had conspired to destroy the Jewish Temple itself. ( literally)

The Jews "had it in" for Jesus and were determined to trip him up one way or another - and no matter what it took - in the end.

WE read that the Jews in the book of Acts had bound themselves under a [great curse] saying " we will neither drink nor eat - until we have slain Paul " These Jews could not let go of their anger or contempt for Paul. And further were also convinced he was working against Moses and the law and derseved death.

Basically their minds were evil affected towards him - and they did not believe he was anointed or sent by God.

Jesus was Called a sinner - and also accused of having a Devil.

Have you ever come across people who just can't [let go] of something (or) just refuse to move on with their own lives ?

And to be "Working out their [own] salvation with fear and trembling" ??

Jesus used an illustration in parable form of an unjust judge and a man that had a very large debt to re-pay, but he had not withal to re-pay his debt, but falling on his knees he begged for compassion and forgiveness - both for him and for his family - so the man seeing this - then had mercy ON HIM - and released him - of a very great DEBT. !

But then that same man went out and finding someone that owed him a hundred bux - took him by the scruff of the neck - and said pay up dude or else. But the man had not withal to repay his debt - SO he being wroth then cast him into prison ... until he should pay all of his debt.

But Upon hearing all this - the Man that originally forgave him [in the first] was outraged of his treatment - "to his own debtor" - and called for his servants to cast him likewise into prison. I forgave you of so great a debt thou wicked servant - why then would you not release this man also - of so small a debt. ??

The point being - God forgave everyone single one of "us" of our putrid, rotten, SIN-STENCHED AND SIN-STAINED lives AS BEING SINNERS IN THE WORLD WHO WERE BADLY IN NEED OF A SAVIOUR ! AND releasing us - from so great a debt. So then, that said - why O'why can we not - do the same to those we think - have tresspassed against US ?

So likewise then we are to extend - and be extenuiating always, of this self same forgiveness towards those - we think have offended, or done us wrong ( or percieving them to have at some stage - to have missed God ) ....

God forgave you of so great a DEBT - did he not ?

Why then can we not forgive the debts of others

For God will have judgement with-out MERCY ...
to one that shows - [no mercy] !!

And sometimes as hard as it is - we must show resraint, and live the message of the cross - not answering back , and not being "self" vindicative, and resisting the temptation to respond and get angry.

And many times: God just wants you to put the fire out by simply walking away - and just let the other person have the lAST SAY - on the matter.

Many times in my own life - the Holy Ghost forbids me to go back and continue on with a discussionsor to justify myself - or to read the last reply.

( and so i don't - even read what was said )

And this the pharisees said - TEMPTING HIM !! :-o

Bro Stephen

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 Re: " This They Said - Tempting Him " ?

This is a good word according to the Word...

Thank you

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2007/4/6 1:25Profile

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Southern USA

 Re: " This They Said - Tempting Him " ?

Very good question.

They wanted Jesus to proclaim that He was a righteous man.

(Rom.3:27 Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith.)

(Rom.10:3 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.)



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