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 Love_Gifts (my soon to be published poem)

Love Gifts

God is Love.

Selflessness complete.

To invest your time solely for someone elses empowerment.

Our special gifts given from Love to give them with Love on purpose.

An opportunity to give all a bit of heaven. What do you Love to do?

What situation or problem brings a burn so passionately painful..

in flames impossible to contain until you do or say something about it?

Gods hand encouragingly pushing your back reassuring your confidence.

Heaven giving unlocks to you your heavenly tidbit.

A Land promised envisioned to inspire.

Is heaven the feeling of making our father proud while watching him smile..

or his warm embrace as joyful tears drip?

My box is x'ed, all the above.

The process of watching his child climb each step to the top on his own.

Victory is ours, you are more than a conquerer.

(c) D.G.

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