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 America's Last Call

This is a great comp:

 2007/3/26 23:11

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Sydney Australia

 Re: America's Last Call

that is heavy.

its just not right what some people have to encounter at the mercy of others in this world. the only problem is... theres no telling just how many cases there are happening every day.

they're right something does need to be done. hearing that does spir you to want to do something, anything, just to reach those people. just to offer them an alternative, a hope with the knowledge that with God on our side, he would be needed to open doors for those we step out to.

everyone needs compassion. everyone needs the love unfailing. can you imagine how God must be feeling though? our existance serves to aid in bringing the lost and hurting, home.

God Bless you.


 2007/3/27 5:41Profile

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 Re: America's Last Call

Great comp!

Some voices I recognise and some I don't.

But more people should listen to this.

It's for those who love truth.

God bless.

 2007/3/27 6:21Profile

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