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 my response

I would first like to say that I am new to this board and discussion, and I am very privileged and please to be around such a community of believers. My response to this discussion;

I do not like many discussions of this sort because they can breed discord and maybe not understood or realized up front, but they tend to be spoken out of much of our particular selfish desires that are so rooted within us.

I do not claim to be an expert on anything, but I have read most of the posts concerning this subject, and I find that everyone off you all posted very significant responses. I would like to add that all of you are right with many of your assessments, but most importantly, what is of utmost importance is what the spirit of almighty God has declared or spoken in ur spirit. Whether one feels it lines up perfectly with your theological indoctrination, theological propaganda, and your particular theological presupposition.

I put this in such a way because there are NO scholars in this world that can firmly tell either one of us of the exact particulars that are in scripture because they or ourselves were not there! What I am saying is that we must rely upon our gracious Lord Jesus to open and reveal to us the scriptures as pertaining to exactly what a portion of written theology is attempting to convey to our hearts. I perceive that all we "christians" are guilty of trying to make the sacred scriptures do what we want them to do based upon our concerns or issues at the time.

I also firmly believe that the Christ is the final authority on all issues of theology. In short, forums tend to create opinions and personal thoughts that turn in to "pissing" matches that never end, or it leaves an uncertain thought in someone else's mind, and it also causes us to think one of us are more wise or of more understanding than the other. Foolish Pride on all of our parts...

Lets be at peace with one another no matter who was wrong.... When it all boils down to it, Jesus commands us to Love whether it be in tenderness or in harsher temperament, it must all be in love. Do not open your mouth before a group, congregation, or even one until you have been propelled by the HOLY SPIRIT who promised to guide us in the truth and to comfort us.

The Holy Spirit has the best answer for the moment, and even as some of you all stated about Jeremiah, and the other prophets, they responded on basis of God's Love. Whether the situation was was awful in there eyes or next to hopeless , they spoke as the scripture states as the Holy Men were moved by GOD.

Briefly on the basis of another gospel, mega churches, small churches, or whatever issue, the spirit will testify in your spirit as to how to deal with these issues.

I say this because we all have an opinion, especially a scriptural "insight" I Cor 14:26, and I firmly believe that all that we believers do should be unto edification, even if it seems as though we are tearing down. God must lead and guide us by his mind which is his spirit on how to see and carry out judgement concerning those issues..

ha shem Yeshua has Messchiach

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 Re: my response

Hi LilElvin,

Welcome to SI! You apparently clicked on the new thread button to reply to, i think, the church rebuked thread. This is quite common for new members, next time click the reply button and your post will show up in the relevant thread.

Blessings in Him,


Doug Fussell

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 Re: my response

I did click on the wrong button JOHN173, but i think I may have gottten it together

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