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 The Street Meetings Of God, Volume 10

We would very much like to continue sharing some of the many witness encounters that we have experienced over recent times, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because an estimated 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7,000 an hour!


This morning I was out early walking my four legged companion, Lizzie, when I came across two young men, couldn't have been more than 20 years of age, just finishing off a gardening contract for a neighbour down my road. I had already prayed about witnessing that morning, that there would be people to talk to and I wasn't disappointed. I walked up to these two young lads and offered them a tract each. As soon as I mentioned what they were, the loud, more dominant character of the two laughed and said that there was no God. I said: "Look around you, do you think all this came by chance then?" "What came by chance,?" he said. I mentioned all the creation around us, including us. "No, don't believe in it," he said.

"You're brainwashed you are," the same lad said. "You just do what your religion tells you, your church tells you to do and learn what they tell you.” Before I answered I remembered that I had recently recognised in the New Testament that Jesus answers a question with a question and adopted the same idea. "I'm brainwashed?" I asked. "Where did you learn that there is no God then and start to believe in evolution?" "At school.... my science teacher told me,” he said rather defiantly. "So you're going to take notice of what your science teacher tells you are you?" I asked. As he didn't answer, I continued on his theme, also remembering that I had put my own devised 'evolution' tract in my pocket that morning and said: "Look, this is what Darwin said: 'To have the unthinking masses accept all that I say would be calamity........he also went on to say.... 'To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.’

"Check it out for yourselves lads, don't just believe what people tell you. You just accept what people tell you and don't question anything.”

The loud one just repeated himself by saying, rather louder than before, that there wasn't any God and that when he died he would just rot in the ground and that would be the end of him. I couldn't even get the 'good person test' going because he laughed out loud again and I did think for a moment that I might be casting "pearls before swine.” But his friend, the quieter of the two, only laughed when the domineering one did and I felt he was rather led. He was listening to me and when his eyes met mine he really did focus on them with a hint of a question resting in them. It was a shame that he didn't want to lose face and kept up a 'front' by an echoed half hearted laugh.

I was about to wind this up when the owner of the house came out and asked the lads if they had finished their job. I ended by saying: "Lads, you could die outright in a car accident tonight, next week even, and where will your soul be?" The loud one answered: "No, said before, there ain’t no God.”

As the house owner listened to this last question, I handed him a tract, which he took with a slight smile and I walked away, not feeling dejected, but wondering if I could have handled things better.

I then turned the corner to my home, got in my car to drive out and found two to three pairs of Jehovah Witnesses doing their 'rounds' on the opposite corner!

I thought of Ezekiel 33:6 and wondered why I was the only one on sentry duty in my small home town.


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