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 Re: I hope this helps

Reply to Blake

Thanks for the great post. I copied it into a file and may print it out later and share it if you don’t object .



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 Re: Bible Study


When I read the Bible, it's more to get the flavor of certain passages, to put all the pieces together, and see how they sound.

Reading out loud really helps me, though some of the names and places sound pretty weird.

When I do a Bible study, though, I generally get one word, like anger, or pride, or love, and look in the concordance at the back of the bible.

They give you a lot of verses, in order, from Genesis to Revelations, all on where the same word is used, so I can look them up. That really helps me a lot to understand what that one word means, or how to understand a problem that I have.

And after a while, you end up all over the Bible, and it's amazing what you learn.

The main thing is to always read the Bible every day that you can, whether it's a chapter, over and over until you understand it, or word by word, when you want to.

BeenBlake wrote one of the best verse by verse explanations of John that I've read in a long time.

I watch Hillsong on TV - I really wish I could go like you can - really good teaching!



Forrest Anderson

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rowdy2 wrote:
P.S I am not good at exsplainning gender questions
but I think of man as mankind.

Hi Rowdy

This is off topic, but since you seem worried at offending some of us ladies :-P ... be easy. the word translated "man" is different in the original language when it means "mankind" from when it means "man", meaning a male. The word for mankind is "anthropos" (where we get "anthropology") and the word for a man is "andros".

So that's OK 8-)


 2007/3/29 19:37

 Re: wat do u think of JOHN 1 to 20


hobo63 wrote:
i have been reading john 1 just started and i came up with an idea that would help me once i read a verse i write down wat i think that verse means to me in a note book and i would just luv to c wat u guys think of john chapter 1 with the verses 1 to 20 but really verse 1vs10 of john so tell me wat u think thx heaps

Hi Hobo :-D

Its great that you want to study the Bible. Do you have a good study version, with cross references (other verses to look up, connected with the one you are studying), information at the back and a study plan perhaps?

I love your signature [color=003366]"just remeber when your growing up that the world dosent revolve around you it revolves around the sun and have to figure out if you want to be apart of the revolution"[/color]
I once asked a young Sunday School class the name of the last book of the Bible. One child put up an eager hand, "REVOLUTIONS!":knockedout:

Its actually [u]Revelation[/u], but maybe he was right - Revelation does describe the Revolution to end all revolutions!!



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 Re: wat do u think of JOHN 1 to 20

This chapter is definitely telling us about the deity of Jesus, and setting up for the rest of his story of his ministry on earth.

When he came to the earth in the flesh, he was 100% God, and 100% man. He is equal to the Father, yet not the Father. A difficult concept to grasp even after a lifetime of Bible study.

It also tells us that Jesus is the Creator of everything. You will find this backed up in other scripture such as Paul's letter to the Colossians at verse 15. "He (Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation, for by him all things were created."

Jesus calling himself the Son of Man deals with more than his human side. It is a reference from the Old Testament to him being the Messiah. He is claiming to be the Messiah. In verse 29 of John 1, John the baptist tells who Jesus is, and his mission on earth. Christ is "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world."

At the baptism of Jesus, you see the whole Trinity.
The Father speaks from Heaven, the Spirit descends as a dove, and Jesus is declared to be the Son of God. When John the baptist says that he was told by God that Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit, this was a reference to what occurs at salvation. When you trust Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Spirit lives in you, and guides you in your life with Christ. This first occurs to the disciples in John 20:22 when Jesus breaths on the disciples and tells them "Receive the Holy Spirit." It is also a reference to the day of Pentecost recorded in the 2nd chapter of the book of Acts, where the Spirit is poured out in power upon the Apostles as the church gets started and the gospel begins to be spread worldwide.

His equality with God is also in John 8:58 where he tells the Jews "I tell you the truth, before Abraham was born, I Am."
With this statement, he confirms his eternal existence, and his deity. He is claiming to be the I Am who spoke to Moses in the burning bush. For proof of this, just look at how the Jews reacted in John 8:59. They tried to stone him for blasphemy.

John the baptist also testifies of this in John 1:15 where he says "He who comes after me has surpassed me, because he was before me."

Starting at verse 10 of John chapter 1, we are told that Jesus came in the flesh, but his own did not receive him. You will see this fulfilled as you continue to read John and get to the crucifixion of Jesus. The people of his day rejected his claims and had him killed.

We are also told in John 1:12 that those who do receive Jesus will be named as children of God. This is about salvation. Through faith in the work accomplished by the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can have fellowship with God, and eternal life with him.

Keep reading John and you will see the beautiful truth laid out about how Christ came to die to gain forgiveness of sins, and his resurrection is proof that the Father accepted his sacrifice. Read Romans 5:10 here. "For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to Him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!"

The complete work of Christ is his death and resurrection. This gains us fellowship with the Father. The first chapter of John sets all these thoughts up, so that you know where the rest of his book is going.

Hope this helps and didn't give you too much to think about. I know I jumped around a bit, but this topic is just so huge. We will never uncover its' full depth in our lifetime. Be thankful of this, and that Christ has come.


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 Re: Questions off topic

Jeannette wrote

This is off topic, but since
you seem worried at offending
some of us ladies ... be easy.
the word translated "man" is
different in the original language
when it means "mankind" from when
it means "man", meaning a male.
The word for mankind is "anthropos"
(where we get "anthropology")
and the word for a man is "andros".

Jeannette I totally don’t know what that means, But I like it!

I have formed an opinion of some of the posters on this site as being resolute but fair
Even though I like to paint with a broader brush than some it has to be inside the lines of Biblical truth and I realize that servants of Our Lord like yourself are tireless in their efforts to research, and investigate, until they gleam all the information available.
Each member has different gifts that we are to exercise and I celebrate with you when you point out a statement that I or anyone makes that is not consistent with the Bible and would only object to be compared to something I have no knowledge of and am not quoting from like orthodoxy.

2 Corinthians 10 KJV
12- For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

The people I have heard expound upon the House of the Lord that king David wanted to build in the Old Testament was in their opinion built by Solomon king David’s son so I feel that is the orthodox understanding of the Bible but they are mistaken.

My understanding is that we are the house that Jesus The Son Of Peace, King of Salem a seed of king David is building to fulfill the prophesy that a son of David would build our Heavenly Father a kingdom and that His (Jesus’s) throne would reign forever.

My question that I am asking anyone that can do that type of research. Is that “house” a mansion house” or like the House of Orange the monarchy in the Netherlands or is it both?



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