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 Passion and Potholes

I'm blessed to be on a distrubtion list and receive these messages written by a pastor for pastors and those in the ministry. They're all good, but this one I felt was especially poignant:

Who or What is your passion?

Who is the person God has planned for you to become and that He is making you into?

What are the potholes that make progress seem slow or difficult at times?

What wildernesses do you feel like you are wandering around in?

Do you have any Romans 7 struggles?

There are a lot of questions we could ask ourselves on both sides of the fence.

First, Passion!

Who or what really lights the fire in our souls?

When others see us, hear us talk, and listen to our hearts what is the message that is most often communicated with the greatest degree of intensity?

Souls, discipleship, knowing Jesus, the power of the Spirit, church growth, what?

The letter to the church in Ephesus and the Great Command always bring me back to wanting more of Jesus.

Not just as the right answer to the question, but as the passion of my soul.

How deeply can we know Him from the Word, in prayer, in Worship, in the Spirit while still in this body?

God help us to press in for all of Him that we can have and know in this world.

We will be so much better equipped with His heart and the knowledge of Him to share with others.

Who is the person God has planned for you to become and that He is making you into?

Ps 119:73 is one of those "favorite verses"

"Your hands made me and formed me, give me understanding to learn your commands."

Each of us has a certain personality, style of thinking, approach to life, etc that are inborn.

God made us that way for a purpose.

At times I have struggled with certain aspects of the way God has made me and wished I was more like someone else.

Through the years God has helped me to accept, embrace and appreciate His unique making of me.

God has also formed us.

When I think of forming, I look at the forces in our life over which we had no control that helped to shape us.

Our parents, our schools, our teachers, where we lived, the houses of faith, certain experiences.

It also includes the things God has kept us from that are beyond our control.

These fall into the Romans 8:28-29 category of things God has and is using to make us like Jesus.

What are the potholes, the wildernesses, and the Romans 7 areas?

I have combined these because it seems like this is an area which most leaders would rather not talk about.

At times, I think we can be shocked or even frightened by the power of our sinful nature.

We get concerned that some areas have been battles in our lives for literally decades.

Some pre-Christian sins still seem to have hooks as temptations (and sometimes falls) in our lives.

God help us to get to the place where we are so concerned with one another that when these areas are shared, they become a matter of prayer, fasting and counsel for one another for the sole purpose of seeing one another delivered.

We want the enemy to have no place in our lives, no foothold, no stronghold.

It is a spiritual battle and sometimes we do need the help of one another.

All of this comes back to our passion.

Loving Jesus.

Knowing Jesus.

Becoming like Jesus.

Seeing His life and power transform our lives.

Seeing His awesome loving life demonstrate within us that even the power of embedded sin is no match for the life, love and deliverance of our Lord.

May our Passion for Jesus grow until the day we see Him face to face.

Mike Poppa

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