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 I Need Advice On Effective Street Witnessing...

I went out for the first time last night with some friends. We had some long conversations, and were out for over two hours. Here's a list of problems we ran into...

1. A north american native gentleman said, "Why should I believe in Jesus when the people that invaded America, took away our land, stuck us in residential schools, beat us whenever we spoke our native language, and sexually abused us - all came in His name, too?"

We told him we weren't them, and there's nothing in Christ's word that condones that kind of abuse. But, he had a very good point. How does one help to undo the damage inflicted by those claiming to be from Christ?

2. A woman in her mid-twenties who was raised mennonite, knows the doctrines, has tried many churches, and who just got out of drug rehab six months ago, mentions Buddha and tells me "all religions lead to the same place".

I told her if she read Buddha's philosophy she would find that it leads to nirvana, "the blessed peace of nothingness", whereas Jesus plainly states that there's a heaven and a hell. I "hope" I told her only one of them is right (it was a lengthy conversation). She was convicted, nut not convinced, and we had a very good conversation outside of a cafe for about half-an-hour.

3. Two younger girls who ask me for fifty cents so they can afford to get into the club across the street - both "catholics", the one tells me she's offended at our track on the Ten Commandments, the other tells me for Lent, she's given up sex for forty days.

They were tanked (drunk) and I didn't spend a whole lot of time talking with them.

During our two hours of talking with people we only met one born-again Christian. Pathetic.

 2007/3/24 15:17

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 Re: I Need Advice On Effective Street Witnessing...

Brother, I know you probably know this and i dont say it the Word, and pray! Honestly, we must depend so much upon our Lord, anything we try to do outside of Gods leading and will, will prove to be in-effective. I am praying for you brother, that God would fill you with such passion and love for His Glory, that you would speak and be a witness for His names sake! God bless you brother for your eagerness and boldness, keep fighting and dont give up, ask God for wisdom and He will give to you!

Dave Stephenson

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why do you feel that your wittnesing needs to be effective? dont you know by you and your friends being out there as becons of life in a dead world, Christ gets glory, My friend your 1st concern should be on glorifing God in the preaching of Christ crucified.
2nd concern, is for the lost,( but we know that becuase your out preaching)
please dont try to be effective,this world has to many "effective" preachers..
please dont stop preaching, this world needs to hear the gospel and people who will demonstrate the Gospel to this dying world..


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One plants, another waters... but it is GOD who gives the increase.... Simply be faithful, it is hard ground out there.

Jimmy H

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

 2007/3/24 17:31

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 Re: I Need Advice On Effective Street Witnessing...

hi Corey, what you did was awesome!Dont let anybody throw water on it.Witnessing is like fishing . Sometimes you dont catch anything. But one thing to remember - Its the Holy Spirit that convicts them.You keep witnessing.You cant go by eyesight when witnessing.You never know the power of your words to someones heart. It could be days later when the Holy Spirit brings your very words to their mind and starts dealing with them.They could be trying to sleep and tossing and turning in bed wrestling with what you told them.When I witness to someone thats a brick wall I make sure I leave them with Jesus.Then I pray for them a few minutes later."Get em Holy Spirit"Also 1 more thing[I have an experiment for you] when you witness think of the other person as 3 parts [spirit ,soul, and body] Now make eye contact with can say most any thing to them and nothing happens with their eyes.But as soon as you say anything eternal[Jesus, God, angels or heaven],something happens with their eyes.This means you have touched their spirit!I have been expirimenting with this and it is so amazing.Anyway most of the time their eyes will immediately glaze back over.Now you can actually see them hardening their hearts.It is difficult to reach them. Oswald chambers said our job is to bring them closer to God. God does the rest.What do you think?....God bless, David

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 Re: I Need Advice On Effective Street Witnessing...

Hey there! I praise God for your faithfulness to go out and seek and save the lost.

I would highly recommend that you visit

Also I am a graduate of the School of Biblical Evangelism..I highly recommend it.

Visit our website if you get a chance as well, we have a ton of resources to help with street witnessing etc.

till the Nets are full------------<

Donna Hebert

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You don't just witness with words, you witness with your life.

1Ti 4:16 Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.

If your witnessing to someone about Christ but not living like Christ yourself, your words will mean nothing.

A deacon in my church was always talking about obedience and good stewardship. But he himself was always late for church, by at least half an hour! His words may have been correct but he was not living it himself. What do think the people noticed more, his words, or his conduct?

Its the same in witnessing. The world cannot stand a hypocrite. If your going to be proclaiming Christ make sure your living like Christ! You can be sure the enemy will be watching and waiting for an oppurtunity to discredit you in front of everyone.

Another thing: Be Spirit led. The Holy Spirit knows who ready for the gospel and whose not. Ask Him to send the right someone(s) across your path and to give you the right words to speak to them.



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 Re:Heaven knew Mr. Genor

Hi Corey and everyone,

Wanted to share this short and encouraging message with you all:

Just One Person: George Street

Be encouraged, for

[i] Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.[/i] Psalm 60:12

EDIT: ***Please Read***

I was just over at the website for Living Waters and they had a notice that they had taken down this message due to being made aware of factual errors it contained. So then [b]I would strongly urge those who may want to listen to it to keep that in mind[/b]. Unfortunately I do not know what the errors may be but I wanted to inform you all of that. As much as I have appreciated the testimony, if I knew it contained errors I would not have recommended it to you. I appologise.

I had first heard this testimony from their website. Since I do not know what the errors may be, I have also removed the url link from this post and have only left the title to maintain the integrity/history of the thread.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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