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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : REVIVAL , JESUS, AND THE DEVIL

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HI EVERYONE,I wanted to post this to see what interest anyone had in revival and also to discuss the side effects of revival. I think some churches might never see revival.Others will take thier place in history.Now, what does the devil have to do with "true revival". So glad you asked!...6 things immediately happen [actually more than 6] upon initial revival. 1-Jesus and the Holy spirit show up in power like you have never seen before.2-Hungry people are immediately effected[in all kinds of ways]and emotions swell to the breaking point.This is where you will see people scream, cry, or laugh.3-people with a lot of junk inside them will manifest weirdly.Barking crawling roaring etc.[you think the devil is not in church?when revival breaks out travel there and see for yourself.]4-The doctrinally correct people and the theologians will either get mad and leave or stand there with their mouths open.But right away a big section of the congregation hates whats going on.these offended ones move on to other churches [not caught up in this awful emotionalism].5-The leadership hits the crossroad."what will we do?" One of 2 things.They will either get out of the way or they will kill it.Also the music team hits the crossroad."what do we do?"They will either flow[suddenly start playing annointed music] or squelch the flow of the Holy Spirit.6-The devil gathers his sorry imps and rushes to the awesome move of God to stop the revival.He has a field day with the easy targets.He tries to undo all productiveness.Its not only that he is so good at it but that we so readily take the bait and the lies.You wonder why doesent God stop him?ahh grasshopper interesting point!THIS IS WHERE YOUR INTERCESSORS COME IN! YES THE AWESOME POWERFULL WOMEN OF GOD -HIS GENERALS-COME IN AND SLICE THOSE DEMONS TO PIECES. Interceesors are what holds back the demon forces.Now the devil changes strategy. He now assigns his imps to individals to stalk them and take them out.Suddenly any hidden sin or division in the home is almost a "death sentence"[this happehed to me personally] The funny thing is,its so horrible, and when others IN THE REVIVAL ARE WARNED THEY GIVE YOU A TEACHING ON HOW GREAT THEY HAVE HANDLED THINGS IN THE PAST.Funny how after a few weeks they are warning the newcommers of the same thing................Revival will give you a reeeeaaal good understanding with the devil. I am sticking my neck way out there on this forum because I know I will either sound concieted or like a know it all.I hope I am neither but I hear "revival" talked about and I want it too.I only hope to show a "facet" of what revival is .NOT TO DEFINE IT. may God send it,David

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