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 Preaching Relationship

I went to preach at Kilgore College yesturday, and I went with full strength.

I armoured up with my t-shirt, sandwich board, and banner! (That was a first. I literally almost was blown away by the wind).

I began to preach from the public sidewalk next to the main walk way of campus. I actually preached very mellow. I preached about God's love and care for them, which is why He calls them to repent and obey Him. I preached about how as sinners, they've been choosing to serve themselves, seeking their own pleasure at their own hurt, when they are obligated to serve God's glory and the well-being of others. And I preached about the broken heart of God for the campus, how I believe God in Heaven is weeping over their rebellion, longing for them to enter into a relationship with Him.

(Reading Finney and Moral Government theology, these have been the blessed truths God has deeply pressed upon my heart)

It wasn't long before a crowd of about 30 gathered, and students took a seat on the benches and the sidwalk to listen. They asked different questions, some mockingly, some possibly seriously. It was a very good atmosphere.

But eventually I was shut down by the campus police officers because they said I had too big of a crowd and it was blocking the sidewalks and slowing down the car traffic.

They gave me the city ordinance that says if I draw a crowd while standing on a public sidewalk, I need a permit from the city. But the crowd was not gathered on the city sidewalk, they gathered on the campus. I think this may be my way around this permit. Because they officer said he would tell the commission not to grant me a permit if I request one. Besides, this permit is "permission" for something the constitution already says in an undeniable right: "free speech" "free exercise of religion" and "peaceful assembly". Why do I need a permit for that which is already permitted? The American constitution transcends any city ordinance.

Here is the city ordinance "It shall be unlawful for any peson to occupy any space on a sidewalk or street for the purpose of attracting a crowd or causing a crowd to congregate, without a special permit therefor from the city commission." But again, the crowd does not gather on the city sidewalk, but on the campus...

The campus itself now has a written policy against anyone but faculty and students using their free speech area on the campus. I'm going to talk to my attorneys about what we can legally do about all this.

 2007/3/23 18:50

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