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Joined: 2002/12/11
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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


There is no promise for these groups to be led into all truth. If a groups has forsaken the Scriptures as the sole basis of being led into all truth and the plumbline of truth then they will go into delusion.

I will tell you that God is not in everyone. That is unscriptural and is not true. Men are unregenerate before they receive the Spirit of God.

I would still like you to address these questions:

Bubba, have you repented of your sins and your sinful lifestyle? Has God given you a freedom over sin? Do you hate sin as God hates it in the bible? Do you believe in a literal hell where people will be forever in anguish and torment?

This website forums are for those that believe in the Holy Scriptures of God as the sole basis of God's voice to mankind. If God is going to speak through men it will co-align with the Scriptures of old.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2007/3/23 17:48Profile


George Fox was one of Leonard Ravenhills favorite street preachers. Fox could so preach hell-fire and brimestone in the streets, that the sinners would quake.

If you get your hands on the journals of George Fox, cherish it. His journals were amazing. Certainly was a Paul in His day with the Spirit of Elijah and John the Baptist.

 2007/3/23 17:50

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Dallas, Texas


lots of uppity Quaker women have received from God leadings to ignore such passages as this one from Corinthians.

God gave Quaker women leadings to [i]ignore[/i] certain parts of scripture? Oh, Bubba.

Paul Frederick West

 2007/3/23 17:59Profile


"I will tell you that God is not in everyone. That is unscriptural and is not true. Men are unregenerate before they receive the Spirit of God."

Mike, if what you say is true then how can these men who do not have that of God within them be held accountable for sin? If they have nothing of their creator God within them and God made everything, well then, what are they made of?

All humans have that of God within them. How else can we recognize and be called to God?


PS. Here's the Fox directive to Quakers from which this statement of belief is derived:

"Be patterns, be examples in every country, place, or nation that you visit, so that your bearing and life might communicate with all people. Then you'll happily walk across the earth to evoke that of God in everybody. So that you will be seen as a blessing in their eyes and you will receive a blessing from that of God within them." George Fox

 2007/3/23 18:32

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