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 Study: U.S. Unchurched Population Nears 100 Million

Study: U.S. Unchurched Population Nears 100 Million

By Audrey Barrick
Christian Post Reporter

Over the past decade, the unchurched population has remained stable at one third of the American population, the latest Barna Group survey showed.

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People walk across the street in Washington's business district on March 20, 2007. The Barna study found that 33 percent of adults are classified as unchurched – people who have not attended a religious service of any type during the past six months. The statistic has remained relatively the same since 1994 when 36 percent were reported to be unchurched.

Still, the unchurched population in numbers is staggering. An estimated 73 million adults are presently unchurched. The number nears 100 million when teens and children are added to the population segment. That also includes an estimated 13 to 15 million born-again adults and children. On its own, the unchurched population of the United States would be the eleventh most-populated nation on earth, the Barna Group noted.

Some people groups are notorious church avoiders, the study found.

Political liberals were more than twice as likely to be unchurched (47 percent) than political conservatives (19 percent). Single adults were also more likely to avoid religious services (37 percent) than married adults (29 percent).

Those least likely to be unchurched are residents in the South (26 percent) while residents in the West (42 percent) and Northeast (39 percent) remain the most church resistant.

The study also found sexual orientation is closely related to church status with 31 percent of heterosexuals classified as unchurched compared to 49 percent of homosexuals.

Ethnically, African Americans were less likely to be unchurched (25 percent) than were whites (32 percent); 34 percent of Hispanics are unchurched and 63 percent of Asians.

While Christians are the most likely faith group to consistently attend church services, the Barna study revealed that 61 percent of adults who are associated with a faith other than Christianity had not attended any type of religious service over the past half-year. The unchurched Christian population was measured at 24 percent.

Among Christians, only 1 percent of evangelical Christians, 16 percent of non-evangelical born-again Christians, and 32 percent of self-claimed Christians who are not born again were found to be unchurched.

Catholics were more likely to be unchurched (25 percent) than Protestants (20 percent). People who attend a mainline church were more likely to avoid services (26 percent) than those who attend non-mainline Protestant congregations.

Correlation was also made with church size. According to the study, 24 percent of people who attend small churches were unchurched compared to 15 percent who attend mid-sized churches and 5 percent of those who affiliate with a large church of 500 or more adults on average.

The Barna report is based on a nationwide survey of 2,006 adults, age 18 and older, conducted in January 2007.


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 Re: Study: U.S. Unchurched Population Nears 100 Million


Over the past decade, the unchurched population has remained stable at one third...

...The statistic has remained relatively the same since 1994 when 36 percent were reported to be unchurched

I was under the impression that the percentage had declined. Considering that, I suppose this report of holding steady is actually a form of good news.

I was reading an ABWE report on Europe in which they said that the fastest growing religion through conversion desicions there is Christianity...even among the Muslims. The article stated that the main reason Islam is gaining such startling strides in Europe is because Muslims are having far more children then native Europeans.

So can we say that the most vital mission field is our own families. Americans for the time being still marry and proprigate, and this probably explains why the church percentage is holding steady with the population growth. (I realize this is quickly changing but as far as western nations go, America has a relatively high birth rate.)

I found the similar percentages of White and Hispanic group also interesting. An under appreciated blessing to be thankful for is the rise of the Hispanic population, including the south and central American immigrant, whose world view is perhaps more likely to be compatible with Christianity as compared to the Islamic immigant in Europe.

I don't know...just some throughts. Strengthen what remains. :-)


Mike Compton

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Many of these unchurched people will have less condemnation on judgement day then many who take part in our great harlot church system and commit adultry with the world...

Luke 12
47"That servant who knows his master's will and does not get ready or does not do what his master wants will be beaten with many blows. 48But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

 2007/3/22 13:11

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