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 The Street Meetings Of God, Volume 8

We would very much like to continue sharing some of the many witness encounters that we have experienced over recent times, to try and encourage those that are strong and mature in the faith, to also take up the Great Commission and try and reach lost souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, because an estimated 150,000 people die EVERYDAY, that's 7,000 an hour!


As we near spring the weather on the streets of the UK was exceptionally cold and windy today, with snow even forecast for Monday!

As usual our very little flock, sometimes only two of us, commenced with prayer and spread out to distribute gospel tracts. Always encouraging to note that people (new and old) still take our tracts, even though we’ve been at the same spot at the same time for nearly three years now. We’ve seen many professing Christian preachers come and go in our town, but in recently months we‘ve had one church attend every Saturday since October. We pray this will continue. One of their preachers remarked to Patrick how our town “was a real mars hill,” with all its diversity and poisonous theology (more on this later.)

One of the regulars we get to speak to (3 or 4 times a year) is John. This man appears open to the things of God and yet can’t quite bring himself to trust Jesus completely for his own Salvation. Today we had a good 20 min chat with John and God willing, we believe he may be nearer to receiving Christ than he was when we last spoke to him before Christmas. Its also encouraging that he reads our tracts and never throws them away. James told him that if Christianity was wrong, he’d lose nothing when he dies, but if John and his philosophy (agnosticism) were wrong, he’d lose everything. John acknowledged this was a true point. But in a flash asked, “What about all the other religions in the world today? How do you know they’re not all wrong?” James told John that there are 30,000 religions in the world today, but only ONE of them has a Saviour and of course His name is Jesus Christ. With that John thanked us and hopefully next time we see John he might have repented and trusted Jesus as Saviour.

Our next witness encounter, thanks to one of our ministry associates Len, introduced Jeff to us, a practising elder in the Mormon religion. At first James and Patrick had been led to believe this man was a former Mormon, but cross-wires soon cleared this confusion up. Over the next 40 mins James witnessed to Jeff non-stop about all the flaws, lies, poison and misunderstanding that is endemic in this false church. Before James used the Law to bring about the knowledge of sin, he had to humble this sarcastic, arrogant and smug individual. James shared with Jeff how the LDS blasphemously teaches that Adam is their god; Jesus had sexual relations with Mary, Martha and Mary Madeline; how Joseph Smith was expelled from the Masons for not only stealing their Masonic secrets and creating his own private religion (one of the reasons the mob murdered him) but how he also had 41 wives, with some being barely teenagers; Brigham Young, 32nd degree Mason and also a prolific polygamist with many child brides too. All this was too much for Jeff and at one moment James wondered if Jeff might lunge for him, but he didn’t and their two-way dialogue continued, with Patrick and Len offering their own observations and concerns. Just before the end of what turned out to be a confrontation, James looked Jeff in the eye, after Jeff failed the Good Person Test miserably, and told him that Hell was his future abode (Jeff thought this was silly) and that because Jeff was so self-righteous nothing more could be offered to him. James then told him that he wasn’t guilty of his blood and with that Jeff turned around and walked off on his own in a huff.

Please would you pray for Jeff and John and all the others who took our tracts today. With so much confusion and private religions out there, such a minefield would scare the best evangelists, but in reality we should embrace such an opportunity, for we were all lost once and some know only too well what I mean!

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