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 The Rapture - A Blessed Hope

I want to state that believing in the rapture doesnt mean that I expect no presecution or that God is going to rapture me out of hardship or difficulties and I think most pre trib believers are the same.Its similar to grace,I know if I sin God will forgive me but just because I know this doesnt mean I should practice sin.If I believe in the rapture doesnt mean I should go around with a careless attitude.
It makes me praise God more and thank him more,It makes me study the bible more,it makes me look forward with anticipation not fear.
All raptures in the bible teach us something new and interesting about the rapture of the church;
From Enoch to Elijah To Jesus To The Two Witnesses.
The Church Started with a miracle and will end with a miracle.
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 Re: The Rapture - A Blessed Hope

hi,Yes the bride groom will come for his bride. this is the rapture.And to be frank,I dont know how he could do it differently.Ifeel this will happen soon. Hope i am ready.Would hate to miss out on the wedding supper of the lamb.Also I really look foreward to seeing heaven in my glorified body.This is all so awesome I can hardly imagine how it is really going to be, but to be caught up to meet him, and then to actually be in heaven.......This is truly a blessed hope!......God bless,David

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 Re: The Rapture - A Blessed Hope

I cannot do without the Blessed Hope - my heart would fail me for anguish, and we're not quite to the Tribulation yet.

I watch, and I pray to be worthy in Christ, to be taken up with the rest. The praying is easy - the watching is getting harder to bear.


Forrest Anderson

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