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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes

 " Today everybody is a christian " ( part b )

Going down a slightly different track to that of first message.... and to those who haven/t read it would serve you better to be up-dated by reading the first.

Were living in a day NOW - when just about anybody can lay claim to being "christian"

Even if he cheats on good ole "uncle sam" - and defers both paying and honouring his obligation to the income tax Department.

And somehow justifying hiding financial affairs
And still im Christian .... hmmmmm :-( he says

Now to the different tack on the subject

And it is given in parable form: "Everbody is christian in this world"

Behold now a man went on a long journey - he kissed his wife and hugged his daughters in tears saying i will be back soon i promise - i promise.

He beckoned to his wife to call a taxi and so she did still crying over the goodman of the house long journey - the taxi driver beeps his horn and the householder gets in - the taxi driver says were we going he says take me to "airport Believer"

"Airport believer" the taxi driver retorts - yes says the householder and take me their with haste im in a hurry !!

The taxi driver says ohh - good cool, im a Christian too you know :-)

They enjoyed good conversation to airport believer

Upon arrival he the householder checks in at the ticket stand - you wouldn't credit it but to his amazement the clerk behind the desk is a believer too.

Cool he responds to himself - how cool is this !

The call goes out after so long to board and leave [airport believer] and commence journey on flight 777 bound now to Mystery Babylon ...with no stop overs enroute.

The householder is boarded feeling very relaxed with coffee and refreshments served and by chance he begins a conversation with air hostess - and lo and behold he finds out she's Christian too.

Wow cool he thinks to himself ;-)

After many hours they touch down and arrive at destination mystery babylon and so he collects his luggage - only to find out the security gaurd observing everything was in conversation about mega-churches and their christmas concert festivities.

Now he's really bamboozled and by this time he is scratching his head - thinking how can this be many christians everywhere. :-o

Anyway he collects his luggage goes to the counter to rent-a-car and the reptionist is so pleasant and nice....he leans over and says hey by the way your just so friendly i caouldn't resist asking ...are you a Christian ???

She burst out in laughter and replied man o man how did you know that - he replies just a lucky guess

Bro Stephen

 2007/3/16 5:01Profile

 Re: " Today everybody is a christian " ( part b )

Hi sonofthunder,

I'm going to read the rest of the first thread now. I don't know what kind of response you'll get here, but your parable brought me a smile.

But hey! Just because I think I can 'get' your subtle nuances of meaning, doesn't mean I'm so ok I don't need to cling to the cross like a limpet, own Jesus as my Lord TODAY, and worship the Father in spirit and in truth TODAY. It challenges me all the more not to think myself out of the woods we must cut through, to get a better view of the celestial city.

 2007/3/16 6:14

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