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[i]“Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, we will not walk therein.” -Jeremiah 6:16.[/i]

The Old Paths Magazine is a free monthly periodical that is made available for the entire body of Christ. The main focus of the periodical is to propagate and promote the message of genuine biblical revival to this generation. This chief aim is expressed through many voices from Christian history. Copies of this periodical can be made for free distribution without permission.


You can contact The Old Paths editorial staff by writing to the address below:

The Old Paths
P.O. Box 8781
Victoria, Canada
V8W 3S3

Email the editors here: [email protected]


You can download freely the PDF archives of the magazine. Also the individual articles will be posted. To download copies of the newsletter format prior issues of the Old Paths you can visit here.

[b]Issue 23 - January 2008[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

Elisha, Tarry Here, I Pray Thee [i]by F.B. Meyer[/i]
A Praying Ministry Successful [i]by E.M. Bounds[/i]
Why is the Church Powerless? [i]by William MacDonald[/i]
A Common Yet Subtle Sin [i]by Samuel Logan Brengle[/i]
The Imitation Of Christ [i]by Thomas A Kempis[/i]
The Cross [i]byJohn Follette[/i]
The Church And Suffering! [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
Phoney Repentance [i]by Roger Ellsworth[/i]
Robert M'Cheyne [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Alexander Stuart [i]by David Smithers[/i]
William Booth [i]by David Smithers[/i]
The Speaking Voice [i]by A.W. Tozer[/i]
The Great Change - Conversion [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]
Branded by Devotion to a Task [i]by Leonard Ravenhill[/i]
The Impotent Church [i]by JBill Bright[/i]
Free Through Suffering [i]by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman[/i]
A Promise For Every Day [i]by 
George W. Truett[/i]
The Meaning Of Faith [i]by Charles Price[/i]

[b]Issue 18 - August 2007[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

The Need For Prayer Ministry [i]by T. Austin Sparks[/i]
A Praying Ministry Successful [i]by E.M. Bounds[/i]
Prayer A Divine Necessity [i]by Watchman Nee[/i]
The Modern Church [i]by Vance Havner[/i]
Prayer - Speaking To God [i]by Zac Poonen[/i]
Prayer At Harvest Time: Now [i]by John Piper[/i]
The Prayer Meeting Is Dead! [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
Perilous Times [i]by John Owen[/i]
John Wesley Redfield [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Andrew Bonar [i]by David Smithers[/i]
William C. Burns [i]by David Smithers[/i]
The Speaking Voice [i]by A.W. Tozer[/i]
A Dreadful Dream [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]
Revival Is An Act Of Mercy [i]by Leonard Ravenhill[/i]
A Nation Abandoned By God [i]by John MacArthur[/i]
The Unsearchable Riches Of Christ [i]by J.H. Jowett[/i]
Contemplation Of Jesus [i]by Alan Redpath[/i]
Absolute Surrender [i]by Andrew Murray[/i]

[b]Issue 17 - July 2007[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

True Spirituality [i]by Zac Poonen[/i]
Praying Pulpit Begets a Praying Pew [i]by E.M. Bounds[/i]
Back To The Cross [i]by Watchman Nee[/i]
Have Faith In God [i]by Smith Wigglesworth[/i]
The Outpouring Of The Spirit [i]by Oswald J. Smith[/i]
The Model Church [i]by Gypsy Smith[/i]
Ten Great Biblical Deceptions [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
Prophetic Warning [i]by Stanley Frodsham[/i]
Charles G. Finney [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Edward D. Griffin [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Edward Payson [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Responding to the Wake-Up Call [i]by A.W. Tozer[/i]
A Promise of Revival [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]
The Gospel Of Prayer [i]by Leonard Ravenhill[/i]
J. Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret [i]by J. Hudson Taylor[/i]
Who Would Be Useful [i]by Samuel Logan Brengle[/i]
I Know Nothing Of Calvary Love [i]by Amy Carmichael[/i]
Awake! Awake! [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]

[b]Issue 16 - June 2007[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

The Godly Person Weeps [i]by Thomas Boston[/i]
Troublemakers in the Church [i]by David Wilkerson[/i]
Another Gospel [i]by A.W. Pink[/i]
Being Real Christians [i]by George Whitefield[/i]
Conformed to the Image of Christ [i]by Alan Redpath[/i]
Glorify Christ [i]by H.C.G. Moule[/i]
The Apostolic Whitefield! [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
Time For Judgement [i]by Vance Havner[/i]
John Wesley [i]by David Smithers[/i]
James Caughey [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Christmas Evans [i]by David Smithers[/i]
The Holy Are Humble [i]by A.W. Tozer[/i]
True Repentance [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]
Picture of a Prophet [i]by Leonard Ravenhill[/i]
The Darkeness of Golgotha [i]by G. Campbell Morgan[/i]
The Coming Prince [i]by Sir Robert Anderson[/i]
The Cross and Revival [i]by Jesse Penn-Lewis[/i]
God Glorified in Dependence [i]by Jonathan Edwards[/i]

[b]Issue 15 - May 2007[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

The Essence Of Prayer [i]by Sadhu Sundar Singh[/i]
The Church Without the Spirit [i]by Samuel Chadwick[/i]
Fools For Christ's Sake [i]by Samuel Logan Brengle[/i]
National Sins And Miseries [i]by John Wesley[/i]
City-Wide Repentance [i]by Harry Ironside[/i]
Pentecostal Revivals [i]by Martin Knapp[/i]
Warning A Perverse Generation [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
The Joy Of Obedience [i]by Hannah Whitall Smith[/i]
William Bramwell [i]by David Smithers[/i]
John Oxtoby [i]by David Smithers[/i]
John Smith [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Causes of a Dozing Church [i]by A.W. Tozer[/i]
The Sprinkling Of Blood [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]
Today's Sleeping Giant [i]by Leonard Ravenhill[/i]
The Devil And Religion [i]by Lewis Williams[/i]
Supreme Love To God [i]by John Wood[/i]
A Call To Prayer [i]by J.C. Ryle[/i]
Words To Winners Of Souls [i]by Horatius Bonar[/i]

[b]Issue 14 - April 2007[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

Preaching With Passion [i]by G. Campbell Morgan[/i]
Admonition To England [i]by John Knox[/i]
Aggressive Christianity [i]by A.B. Simpson[/i]
Price and Power of Revival [i]by Duncan Campbell[/i]
Ministerial Confessions [i]by Horatius Bonar[/i]
The Need of Personal Revival [i]by Richard Baxter[/i]
Prayer That Moves God [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
Address On Revival [i]by Duncan Campbell[/i]
Count Zinzendorf [i]by David Smithers[/i]
David Brainerd [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Gilbert Tennent [i]by David Smithers[/i]
A New Type of Preacher [i]by A.W. Tozer[/i]
The Kind of Revival We Need [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]
We Wrestle Not [i]by Leonard Ravenhill[/i]
The Hebrides Revival 1949 [i]by Duncan Campbell[/i]
A Clean Church [i]by Seth Rees[/i]
Half the Diseases of Christianity [i]by J.C. Ryle[/i]
Practical Holiness [i]by J.C. Ryle[/i]

[b]Issue 13 - March 2007[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

Having Begun in the Spirit [i]by Andrew Murray[/i]
Are We Playing By The Book? [i]by Vance Havner[/i]
The Uplifted Christ [i]by R.A. Torrey[/i]
Undefiled Religion [i]by George Fox[/i]
Prayer and Revival [i]by J. Edwin Orr[/i]
Broken Down Altars [i]by Billy Sunday[/i]
A Quake That Shook England [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
How Salvation is to be Sought [i]by Jonathan Edwards[/i]
Girolamo Savonarola [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Richard Baxter [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Philip Jacob Spener [i]by David Smithers[/i]
Following Hard After God! [i]by A.W. Tozer[/i]
Church Be Still! [i]by C.H. Spurgeon[/i]
Unction! [i]by Leonard Ravenhill[/i]
The Power Of Persevering Prayer [i]by Andrew Murray[/i]
Keep Praying Until God Answers [i]by R.A. Torrey[/i]
Ten Marks of a Flesh-Pleaser [i]by Richard Baxter[/i]
The Marks of the New Birth [i]by George Whitefield[/i]

[b]Issue 12 - February 2007[/b]
[i]Download this issue here.[/i]

Patience of Perseverance [i]by Hugh Black[/i]
Sanctified on the Cross [i]by William Seymour[/i]
Shall the Lofty One Prevail? [i]by Evan Roberts[/i]
False Professors [i]by Charles Finney[/i]
Unconverted Ministers [i]by George Whitefield[/i]
Christ Himself [i]by A.B. Simpson[/i]
Wordly Saints [i]by Greg Gordon[/i]
The Men God Uses In Revival [i]by Horatius Bonar[/i]

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