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 The Ministry of Andrew Strom

[b]Email Andrew Strom to preach at your church![/b] you can contact him directly in Kanasas city where he currently ministring! email: [email protected]


Hopefully you have had a chance to listen to the sermon by Andrew Strom on the subject of Repentance. That message was preached on a Friday night March 5, 2004 at New Life Pentecostal Church of God in Kansas City, MO. What a powerful message! Some estimates were over 1/2-3/4 of the people stood to repent. God was moving in an awesome way. Andrew is what we have termed "A missionary to America" from New Zealand. His message is REPENTANCE. He has studied revival for over 20 years and his father was also a student of revival. i have read his materials and his book. I could not recommend this message enough to Church's around KC and this nation for that matter. His ways are not flakey by any definition I have seen. He is a real man of God with a real message of REPENTANCE. I see Bro. Andrew as a modern day revivalist. The like of which we hear on

I met Andrew the week he arrived here in KC and he is a very humble, meek, and soft spoken man. The message he preaches is anointed of God and the life he lives is one of humility and meekness. In the short time I have known him, I have realized that only GOD could birth and anoint such a message and only a life of true devotion could back it up in the pulpit. You don't just live "any ole way" and preach that message. I hope that you would prayerfully consider if God would have you invite him to speak to your congregation. If God would have you do so, please send me a message and I will pass on the info to him.

God Bless and Much Brotherly Love,


Robert Wurtz II

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 Re: The Ministry of Andrew Strom

Hopefully you have had a chance to listen to the sermon by Andrew Strom on the subject of Repentance.

I also encourage everyone to listen to this message, I have heard it three times and it really shook me up, we need to get rid of the things that hinder, the secret sins in our life, thats why we are powerless Christians. Listen to the message here: [url=]Repentance[/url] by Andrew Strom.

I personally am very intrested in Andrew Strom's ministry. I am praying for him and his work in Kansas city, I know the Lord God is going to show himself strong in america, praise God for people like Andrew who are raising a standard of Gods holiness, judgement and majesty.

This would be awesome if anyone sees these posts and feels led to invite Andrew Strom to their church to bring his message of Repentance and Revival. Andrew is here from New Zealand to preach the gospel and needs support from brothers and sisters. If you feel led you could send him an offering, the best person to contact is Robert Wurtz and his number is in the above post.

On other news God-willing I will be hosting live webcasts of Andrew Strom preaching. This is a remarkable opportunity to have his message heard around the world. God has opened doors in remarkable ways for this to tenitavely happen, please pray earnestly for this to work out.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Highly Recommended

Hello Friends,

As the first to have Andrew Strom in my service I would recommend him to anyone. The message of repentence is not limited to a certain group or movement, but should be welcomed by all.

Although I invited Andrew to preach what was "on his heart" I could not have expected better results. I personally stood by Andrew as youth began to confess the sins of "pornography" and more! I seen hardened adults broken under the power of God's word.

What you hear is what you get. Personally, I'm trying to contact as many minister friends as I have to open the door to this man.

What makes the message so powerful? It is not the message of a man, but the heartbeat of God to America. When a man, no matter who he is, shares God's heart, the power and presence of God shows up.

Rest assured what you hear is what you get. God's man, God word, no junk, just the Word of Repentence!

My denomination leaders were in this service where the "repentence" message was preached. They were strengthen, encouraged and empowered to preach the truth of God's word without fear or favor!

I would encourage you to get him scheduled while he is still free. I am already getting calls from Missouri, Iowa and contacts in Kansas to have Andrew come share the word of repentence with the body of Christ.

Highly Recommended! A+++++

Dalin S. Antwiler

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