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 Bible Commentaries

Good evening, and blessings to you all,

I need a better Bible commentary. All I have at the moment is the footnotes of the Life Application and, while they were adequate for me during another part of my journey with Christ, now I need more. Something that explains better doctrines and theology as they relate to what is actually in the Word itself.

I would like to purchase the MacArthur Bible Commentary, it is reasonably priced and is in one volume (not sure how he crammed it all in there but he did). John MacArthur has made a huge impact on my life through his preaching and books, which is mostly why I am considering his commentary because I believe he is as solid as they come as far as preachers go.

I would love to hear from the others here about which commentaries you use/have used and what your recommendations might be. Thanks!

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 Re: Bible Commentaries

I've had the MacArthur Commentary for around 3-4 years now.. I haven't used it at all in the past year and in the past 2 only a few times. I don't like his theology at all. The guy believes that with the end of the Apostles came the end of most at least of the gifts of the Spirit basically. tongues etc. = gone.

so i don't ever listen to him anymore. his doctrine is so fuzzy and blurry and weird. but that isn't to say you can't take some fruit out of his ministry-- just to say that you should be careful.

anyhow, onto your question. i'd recommend against bible commentaries as a rule of thumb.


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A couple weeks ago I just got my 6 volume set of Matthew Henry's commentary on the entire Bible. I am really liking it so far, although it is often the temptation to see what Matthew has to say instead of listening on my own.

I was able to find it used for 40 bucks. Not bad considering the gems that are in these books. I would recommend it.

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I would love to hear from the others here about which commentaries you use/have used and what your recommendations might be. Thanks!

[b]Matthew Henry[/b] - you can get a cheap all in one volume that is a great commentary of the bible.

[b]Believer's Bible Commentary[/b] - is a very simply yet strong and accurate bible commentary by the famous brethren william macdonald.

*on it shows you can get both for [b] $48.97 [/b] on the "believers bible" page.

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