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I think that "prosperity preachers" need to read the book of Hebrews over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Well ya'll get the point.

Benjamin Williams

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I have heard preachers use Hebrews "better" to mean...better health, car, job, etc...

it's sick and angering
I even tell people who love this preaching that I don't agree that poverty is God's will or even that Christians have been "tricked" into being poor or a necessity of poverty...but we need to preach the truth and prosperity preaching is far from truth it's a message that Satan loves...and God fearing Christians will have no part in such a message

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Goldminer wrote:

I don't want to say however that rich people are exempt from the Kingdom. I believe that there are some (a few) people who God allows to have money so they can be conduits to those in need.

I agree 100%.

I know a few people that are blessed, and are yet givers, and sacrifice their time and money toward the Kingdom of God.


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 Re: Prosperity Preaching

What a blessing you sweet souls are. Being a little nervous in posting the subject, I was not sure what to expect. Thank you for your wonderful replies.

When we bought our car we did pray over what we needed. The Lord provided that right down to the last small detail. No it's not a BMW :-P but a simple vehicle for the conditions we live in. I posted this because my doctor (and a wonderful brother in the Lord)keeps asking us when we are going to buy a decent car. The funny thing is that he comes from the Congo - but unfortunately has got all caught up with the prosperity thing. We sponser children in Ethiopia and Uganda so understand their living conditions a little.

It is thrilling to be amongst such likeminded souls, and I once again thank the Lord for finding this place.


Ann - but everyone calls me Joy

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