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 So my question is this

So my question is this, what did he die for ,what did his savior mean to him .The reality is simply this, if Christ is seen in all his supreme glory and to understand Jesus’s purpose and the purpose he has given us which is to the will of the father .Then your life will be seen as giving nothing less than a completely devoted life in service to our Lord .Suffering will be seen as a privilege and dying will be a honor and forfeiting the thing of this world will be like discarding garbage .Time with Christ will be seen as sacred and protected at all cost. It would be the time you love above all else .

Life would be set on the reality of heavenly things ,your eyes would be focused on only this and not of the world .Then you press on to achieve the heavenly goal .You store up treasures in heaven were they will last for eternity .We would run in such away to receive our inheritance ,throwing aside all hindrances ,fleeing from distraction remaining focused .So that in the end we will know, we did not run our race in vain .We will rejoice when trials come and we will cling to his eternal promise in the face of evil .Your will sing when mocked and rejoice when death is upon you ,the swift hand of god’s glory will set you free .

So the question is have we seen Christ work in all his glory ,for we have heard the angels cry out Holy, Holy is the Lord . If you have seen him in all this power you would have had an encounter beyond measure ,you could not dismiss the ultimate experience .The impact would make one yielded with eagerness and diligence to the work and advancement to the kingdom of god ,ones here would burn for the intimacy ,as they were reminded of his bounding love that never fails and is everlasting .They would see his forgiveness as a constant reminder of his sacrifice for them .If we had the same as Christ we would feed the hungry , house orphans and widows in distress ,For Christ came to serve as we must also be servants .

Our or prayers urgent with much agonizing with weeping and longing for those who are lost
,are we crying out ,does the weight of sinners burden our hearts .We would spend more time in prayer in the communion with our father pleading, intercessors on there behalf .If we saw the reality of there eternal destination of hell that waits for them .If we cherished this secret time in communion with god ,not forsaking it for worldly pleasures but if we got intimate with God and devoted ourselves with prayer and drew near to him he would draw near to us .He would reveal his infinite resource filling us with his mighty and glorious spirit .Then his truth ,his compassion and forgiveness would become fruitful in our lives .This would stir a passion that would flame into an unquenchable fire for the lord .Making Christ our focus and our reason for life .

We should strive to make God’s word a meditation of our heart and if we pray God’s word there would be great power from it .We would rejoice at knowing God is good and he listens to his followers . For he does not withhold good for those who ask ,he delights in being the giver. So we can have confident hope in our prayers being answered ,regardless of yes or no his answered are always given .So if we saw Christ in his greatness with his passion and compassion it would penetrate the reality that life means living for him. We would see Gods tremendous love for the lost .The thought of thousands perishing in the fires of hell. Would inspire a revival amongst our core soul and spirit .We are willing to go sleepless nights ,hungry ,and threats of persecution ,torture and many unthinkable acts in the name of our Lord .Christians stand up and let us not be afraid of the calling that is within us ,we are called to serve and yet we remain idle as if there is another purpose in our lives .Like a doctor on call with his alert on high ,anticipation of the next emergency on the horizon ,so must we be on call inattentive and alert for our response is crucial to those who are dying spiritually and without emergency operation of there conditions of there hearts they will die ,a death more horrible than one life but an eternal death .If we are reminded of what sacrifice Christ beared for us , surely we would fall to our knees as who are we to be worthy of such a gift . We would seek with desperation knowing our great need for savior .Jesus the king of king and lord of lord who dwells in the house of the Lord became human to bear the cross and to become the all sufficient sacrifice for the failing world .We would then walk in the footsteps of Christ if we can learn sacrifice and take up our own to cross and die to self forever living in Christ.

Is our devotion weak or strong is Christ our delight or an add on .Is he our focus and our first or is he a inconvenience something that we do not thirst. Do give him lip service and go through the motions or is our hearts torn with emotion .Are we comfortable and content in deception of false joy ,for the fullness of joy is in the presence of, God and cannot be replaced or substituted .One might experience from prayer, joy ,power and blessings that are given by the holy spirit .There eyes would be open to the fullness of God and all his Glory

So mayby if we remember what God did for the Israelites in parting the Red Sea and other great miracles then if you remember your own testimony of how God brought you from death to life ,and performed the greatest miracle in your life then remember this great miracle .Then we are captured by Christ and he is the essence for our life .It would no longer seem foolish to give our lives for the gospel .We would remember who we are living and dying for ,we would remember he lived and died for us. We would love and be willing to lay down our lives because he first loved us .So is it that we don’t see God in all his glory and the beautiful sacrifice on the cross that he performed for us .Would our worship, lives, aberration and our willingness to suffer be with great enthusiasm as we look to the cross for our joy .


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