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 reading the Bible

Hi Strawrifle,

I know it's a month now and some time since someone commented on your question. I hesitate to say I implicitly agree with Keith Daniels since relating to his comment would be like taking a scripture out of context (I haven't heard the rest of what he said).

I love the Bible and I think, once you realise who it's from so will you. I especially love reading the gospels (although I was reading the Book of Amos today [In the KJV to add to the difficulty]) and recommend to most they start there. Some prefer John's and others Mark's. The Psalms are terrifically inspiring and encouraging.

I was born again as a young child but it has taken me years to appreciate the Bible more fully. Some strange things helped. When I was about 17 I listened to Barry Mcguire's "To the Bride" live double album where he related sharing with "Pastor Buck" on a bus trip who was reading his Bible. When Barry asked what he was reading he told him Genesis and explained he saw a picture of the christian's relationship with Christ in the sun and the moon. The moon reflects the Sun's light and, in just the same way we need to reflect Christ. It was just a funny little story but, suddenly I could see so many types of our relationship with Jesus I was even reading the books of the law (Deutoronomy; Leviticus, etc). Man, the pages of notes I made those days you wouldn't believe.

May I suggest an audio Bible to help you with your reading difficulties? Don't forget to read, though; but it might inspire you as the Word flashes through your mind.

God bless



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 Re: reading the Bible

Hi Llewelyn,thks for the kind words..That thread is pretty recent just a few days..Its not that i find it difficult to read,its more that i'm not passionate about reading it that worries me..Maybe its where i used the word struggle,i read a lot,but i find the bible doesn't hold me like other books

But thks for ur post



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 Re: reading the Bible

I probably have a the same testimony as strawrifle. I read the bible but at times it could be dry. I was always more stirred by reading books by authors that opened up the bible for me in some deeper way. I used to beat myself up for this, thinking maybe I was unfaithful to the word by reading regurgitated food, but God has since comforted my heart by letting me know either way it is my love for Him that drives me on. I do not neglect reading my bible, but can be blessed by the other too.

I enjoy reading through a different translation each time. I love the Living Bible even though it is really a paraphrase and just recently someone on this forum suggested a translation I had never heard of called the Darby Translation. I immediately got one and have found it wonderful.

[color=660099]Rom 8:1 [There is] therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.[/color]

I am no longer going to beat myself up for reading about Him through other peoples lives.


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