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 Who's on The Throne of Your Heart?

I take no credit for this. This was the result of someone asking me for a message for our church (before I left it) when they found out I was "hearing" from the Lord. I had never written down a message other than what I felt the Lord speaking to my heart in my own journals.

I literally knew nothing about prophecy or prophets, for that matter. I only knew that i felt a terrible burden.

Here is the mesage and I believe that it is a most vital message for all of Christendom. March 2002

Who's on the Throne Of your Heart

I bring this message to you from the Lord your God, the First and the Last,
the Holy One who sits on the throne. I ask you today, who sits on the throne of your heart? Look again, who sits on the throne of your heart? I desire to be on that throne, Me and
Me alone. There is no room for Me and any extra baggage.
I am a jealous God and I wish to rule in your heart without the ways of this world getting in the way. Offer to Me everything - everything you have.
You want Me to work in your life, you want Me to perform miracles but I cannot, will not until you lay it all on the alter.

I am here today, in your presence, among you like never before. My Spirit is available like never before to those who would lay it all on the alter. You said you wanted to see Me work, you said you wanted to see revival, you said you wanted to see Me move like never before - well, here I come! Even now I am at work in some of My people's hearts, speaking like never before. Read the book of Joel, that outpouring is here. Rejoice, a new day is here. Keep your eyes open, your ears open; watch for mighty things to be done, hear the Spirit of the Lord whispering to His saints, His people.

Oh, that you would trust in Me. Oh, that you would draw your strength from Me. Do not attempt to do things on your own. I know what is best for My people. Let Me lead you - let Me lead you down that straight and narrow path that I have called so many of you to follow on. Watch and see what I can do as you follow that straight and narrow path. It is not an easy one, that is true, but, oh so worthwhile. It is not easy for those I love, for a time; then there will be a breakthrough for those who can hold fast. This breakthrough is worth everything. It is worth all the gold, all the possessions, all the proud things of this world.
Nothing can compare with My unadultered presence.

This is just the beginning of what is to come. Keep your eyes and ears open.
Watch for Me, listen for Me.

After reading this again, I see in the spirit that this is a personal revival all over the world. It is a revival of the true church, we just can't see it with our human eyes, only with spiritual eyes- as the Lord sees it.

I believe He is doing a work in people's hearts all over the world - a work that is much deeper than has ever been done before. A complete cleansing and transforming so that His bride will be spotless.

I believe this is a corporate (because it is lots of people all over the world- just not in one city,etc...) but personal revival that out does any other revival because it is a lasting and deep work.

From the people I have come in contact with, I see this personal revival from believers all over the world. This would not be possible to see accept that we have computers, etc...)

My friends, I believe we are in the midst of revival but just don't see it with our human eyes. Look down upon the earth with the Lord's eyes. I believe He sees chosen believers who are reverantly consumed with Him, worshipping him with their lives, laying it all down for Him. it is not about having a revival in one city or state or country. It is the reviving of the Lord's Church- His bride.

Revived, Chanin


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 Re: Who's on The Throne of Your Heart?

Chanin, Thankyou for listening to what the Lord had to say.......In Him Scott

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