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JaySaved wrote:
I can't say that I spent a lot of time and deep study on my nickname: My nickname is Jay and I am saved.

That's great, brief and to the point!


 2007/3/3 18:16



IRONMAN wrote:
well this is a most interesting topic. i'm sure Krispy's response was pretty shocking...i remember i asked him what that was about coz i too thought there was some lofty insight i couldn't figure out...well that was not to be :-P i though perhaps we could call him Krispus Maximus but that didn't' stick...

anyhow, IRONMAN is an old college nickname i got coz i spent a lot of time in the gym. anyhow there is also IRON MAN the marvel comic character. anyhow in choosing a handle here, God led me back to that old nickname and in time i began to see why. Iron doesn't bend, it breaks, and to break it one must use a tremendous amount of force. anyway God has since been forging me into a tool for His use, hence the signiature.

God bless

Amen Bro

Apparently iron has to be [b][i]hammered when hot[/i][/b] and plunged into water in between heatings and hammerings, to make it (just a bit) bendable. There's a word for the process but can't remember just now! Apparently the process does something to the arrangement of atoms in the iron.

Excessive pressure will make unheated, unhammered iron snap.
Which isn't a thing one wants to happen to a sword in the middle of a battle.

A good parable in that :-)


 2007/3/3 18:23



BrianMira wrote:

...I understand nicknames here on SI are more 'holy' than those of my younger years, but I know that we are sometimes limited by the labels that people place on us.

Good point, something to think on...

...When I was younger, I went through hell in a town was called Mira, so last year, when I met my now fiancee, I was surprised to hear that her name was the same as that place. God is funny. From my days of hell on earth, it is as though I have found a little bit of heaven with her.

Therefore, my name did not take much thought, but the meaning to me is significant. When I signed up to sermonindex, my fiancee was beside me. I wanted just to be 'Brian', but that was taken and then my fiancee suggested 'Brian and Mira': hence BrianMira.

That's lovely, Brian. The Lord restoring "the years that the locust has eaten" perhaps?

My name is Brian Keith Vacheresse and I am quite content with that and am unwilling to change it for anyone, but God himself.

...God Bless those that are able to live up to their name...

The Lord once said to a friend, "Your name is Winifred"

She was a bit annoyed because that was a name she hated. Until she looked it up!

BTW What does the white stone with the new name in Revelation 2:17 mean?


 2007/3/3 18:38


What's a wonton?

Wonton is a dumpling of sorts made of noodle-dough and filled with minced pork, spices, etc, and can be served either in soup or fried. I think it's a Cantonese dish... I only know for sure that it's Chinese. ;-)

 2007/3/3 18:43



ginnyrose wrote:
Interesting thread....

My nickname comes from the one we used to call our - now deceased - daughter, Regina Rose. We gave her several nicknames: BessieJane, Ginny, Ginnyrose, and in the last few years of her life it was down to Gina. Anyhow, when I went on line to another forum, I used this nickname and decided to use it here on SI as well. It is one I can remember! :-o

Sandra aka ginnyrose

That's so sad, Sandra. Losing a child must be the worst kind of loss possible. The Lord does bind up the broken hearted, but there are scars...

 2007/3/3 18:44



seanjol wrote:
Mine is not too hard, at least I used it because it is something I can remember. Sean is my name and the wife of my youth is Joli, whom I call Jol all of the time.

Loved the Krispy answer as well as I have often wondered where it came from. I always thought about Wil E Coyote after a run in with roadrunner when I first started visiting SI.

Krispy, my family and I like to go camping a few times a year up in the asheville-franklin -boone area. Maybe you could burn some Kritters on one of these trips and rightly divide the word with us. :-)


Sean aka seanjol

Wow, Sean, two answers. Are you twins? ;-)

 2007/3/3 18:46



UniqueWebRev wrote:
I happen to think they are gorgeous, but didn't know Doris was part of their name, you biologist, you.(former)Is it Doris something, or Something Dorisii?

Doris is the generic name, something like a surname, the name of a "family" made of various species. For example, I looked up some with names like: [i]Doris verrucosa, Doris sticta/[/i] and [i]Doris montereyensis[/i] (I can't pronounce the last one either :-P ) This family all look quite like each other so they are all called Doris. Then there are others with different "surnames".

This naming system is for all living things, plants and animals. Most dogs are called Canis (as in canine). The wolf is [i]Canis lupus[/i], the dog is [i]Canis domestica[/i] (=domesticated), although most think they are actually the same species because dogs and wolves can interbreed freely.

You will know that they call us [i]Homo sapiens[/i], and imagine that there are other "Homos" that we've evolved from.

Which just shows how stupid scientists who reject God can be (Romans 1).

What happened to the Presbyterian Ministry? Blessed retirement? Too much Welsh Rarebit? If it's painful, we can talk about sea slugs.

No, its not at all painful. I started off as a Biology teacher (because of not getting good enough qualifications to do research, which was what I really wanted - no way did I want to be a teacher!)

Then the call to the ministry came. It was such a relief to give in my notice because i hated teaching in the UK. (I was afraid of the kids, and just couldn't control them!)

Leaving the Presbyterian Church was because I couldn't do infant baptism any more. Not a matter of opinion, but a command of God - He wouldn't allow it. (Although I was never keen on the practice and used to try and make it clear that water didn't make anyone a Christian)

It was hard because it upset my mother who was very proud of me, but in the end I had to choose to obey God rather than man's customs.

Is there a bright blue one? And I love the pictures I've seen of Spanish Dancer! I knew just the one you were talking about, because of the frills.

I think they come in all sorts of colours. I've seen a pic of a deep blue one with yellow stripes. Here's a link to a neon blue one!

Not a Doris but a [i]Glaucus atlanticus[/i]

Whoops, forgot about the nickname! I'm an internet evangelist, and God told me I was unique, and so it just happened. 8-)

That's lovely. As I said in a pm, you are indeed unique - and a lovely, lively, warm and loving soul too!

But maybe you'd better stop encouraging me to give Biology lectures - I'm sure not everyone is interested!



 2007/3/3 19:27



divdasunder wrote:
For the word of God [is] quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and [is] a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.- Heb 4:12
This verse stuck with me. Basically my name says the Word has divided me asunder.

Yes, a painful but necessary process for all of us! :-(


 2007/3/3 19:28

Joined: 2004/11/12
Posts: 55
Charleston, SC


Not twins, but we are one. I (sean) am the only one writing on these forums. The only use my wife has for the computer is shopping :-?


 2007/3/3 21:52Profile


Jason is my first name and it means "healer", which is kinda ironic since I work in the medical field. :-) My mom and dad have called me J-bird since I was a kid. Alot of my family do as well. So if your a christian your my brother or sister, so you can call me J-bird to.

 2007/3/3 22:01

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