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 Jesus' remains found!!

Anyone heard about this piece of devilsih trash?


[i]"Is Jesus’ tomb under an apartment complex in Jerusalem? A new book and documentary claim limestone ossuaries, or bone boxes, found in a first-century burial place in the Talpiot neighborhood of this ancient city may not only belong to Jesus’ family, but also provide evidence Jesus and Mary Magdalene were buried together and had a son. TODAY talked to Simcha Jacobovici, an Emmy Award-winning journalist who wrote and directed “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” and James Cameron, who was the documentary’s executive producer. Cameron, director of such Hollywood blockbusters as “Titanic,” “Aliens,” and “The Terminator,” said he knew making a film on Jesus’ family tomb would be controversial, but it was a story that had to be told. “We now know more about [Jesus] than we’ve known for literally thousands of years. I think that’s pretty amazing,” he said. “I think that’s the power of film.”[/i]

I would say... well, I dont know what to say except what else can we expect from these people?


 2007/2/28 10:03

 Re: Jesus' remains found!!

I guess since they couldn't find Him in the North American evangelical church, they went looking for Him else where. Is this strong dellusion sent by God to judge the hearts of those who follow His son in pretense only?

Blessings in Christ - Jim

 2007/2/28 10:15

 Re: Jesus' remains found!!

Anyone heard about this piece of devilsih trash?

Here's another thread on this from a couple days ago:
[url=]Jesus' tomb claimed to be found... with Jesus & his family in it[/url]

 2007/2/28 10:17

 Re: Jesus' remains found!!

They should have just asked me. I've know where His body is ever since I was born again. ;-)

 2007/2/28 10:56

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Isn't it funny how these folks that search for Jesus probably don't even believe in Jesus? because if they did believe they would know were he is, I wonder why they even waste their time and money searching if they don't believe? Folks that are believers don't look for Jesus, first of all he's not lost, the folks looking for him are the ones that are lost. :-)


 2007/2/28 11:04Profile

 Re: Jesus' remains found!!

Hi Krispy,

While I realise you tried to find a suitable title for this thread to attract participation, I do believe it's misleading, and wonder if you'd consider adding the word '- NOT!' to it?

Having said that, everyone's contributions are [i]ace[/i] and well worth reading.

 2007/2/28 15:37

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Ha, I don't think the title is misleading.. it's funny if anything.

Anyhow, what's with all these threads other ppl make about this getting replies, while my original "breaking news" thread about this got like 2 replies, and i bumped it up twice with various links to ongoing articles/updates... oh well :-P


 2007/2/28 16:34Profile

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[b]Its amazing to me how men will do anything they can just to ease their conscience. They have heard the truth, but because of their hard hearts they will throw millions of dollars at their conscience in hopes of releasing their guilt.[/b]

Benjamin Williams

 2007/3/1 10:07Profile

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Jesus' tomb claimed to be found... with Jesus & his family in it

This presupposition is the blasphemous thought that Jesus had sexual relations with Martha, Mary or other women. It is a sick pervision that many cults have holded to such as: Freemasons. As Christians we should stand against this type of thinking in heathens minds. Our Lord and Savior never had sexual relations and was not married. This is quite grevious to me that it is being treated so non-chalantly by Christians and the world alike. How far can the world go now in undermining and questioning everything of Christianity.

We need a heaven-sent revival brothers and sisters.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2007/3/1 11:54Profile

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A good brother, in reaction to Cameron's sophomoric 'documentary', quipped to me this morning,

"The ressurection is a historical bones about it!"



Mike Compton

 2007/3/1 12:42Profile

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