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 CDs for the car

I can save the downloads and listen on my computer, but I do a fair amount of travel with my job and would like to be able to listen in my car. How do I create a CD that will play in my car's CD player?


 2007/2/28 6:35

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 Re: CDs for the car

You will need some burnable CDs eg CD-Rs available almost anywhere, a CD burner (a DVD burner will also burn CDs).

First check that your car CD system can't play MP3s. If it can, then just drag the files onto a burnable CD in your CD writer and your wait until they are ready.

If it can't play MP3s then you will need some Media software; Windows Media Player and Real Player are free, Nero, Roxio etc will cost you but will be quicker. There is a Window on these players for Burning. Find the MP3s you want in the left window and drag them to the right hand. Once you have the ones you want, press burn and wait until the CD is prepared. This should work in your car audio. You might need to adjust some of the settings in the software, typically under /tools/options.

If you have a tape player it is also worth thinking about getting one of those tape player adaptors - typical cost 10-15 ($, Euro, Pounds). They look like a tape with a wire coming out of them. You can plug this into the headphone socket of an MP3 player and enjoy them both in the car and while walking! Sermons 24/7!!!! :-o

There's probably some professional guidance somewhere on the site, but I don't know where it is. Hope this gets you set up.


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