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 My brother steven frist night in jail

I went and see my brother today. It was a short visit. I can kinda see how those with loves in jail feel. The frist 24 hours he didn't have anything to sleep with just the cold floor. They didn't give him his med's 24 hours or more. Which was God's grace He didn't get very sick or die. He said he prayed all night. They move to a cell be himself. They said that some one might try to hurt him.He is in his cell 23 hours a day, and only gets out for 30min. He said he has almost read the new test, He said he is not feeling well, He is hopeing to get to see a Dr soon. He is not allowed to go to church on Sunday, But a pastor can go and visit him. So please pray a pastor will be willing to go see Him on Sundays. In five days I will know if he will be able to get out for work, during the day. Please keep praying for Him. I know that it was the many prayer of brothers and sisters that were made for him that kept him alive when they didn't give him his med's. I am thankful he is doing good. Wait and see, what God is going to do.
In his love


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 Re: My brother steven frist night in jail

My dear sister,

I know this post is a day or two old and no one has posted a response here. Though there have been a few respones to the original request. Please know in your heart that many saints here are still praying. I will continue to pray for him, though I ask that you keep us informed. Out of sight out of mind is an axiom that unfortuneately holds true, so if this thread drops down too far...

In His Love,


Doug Fussell

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 Re: My brother steven frist night in jail


I have a brother that is in prison. It is very tough. My prayers will be with you and your brother.


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 Re: My brother steven frist night in jail

Dear Charlene,

Be comforted and lifted up to you and your beloved brother for .... "there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.".

Hebrew 7:25b .....seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them

with you and your brother in prayer.


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 Re: My brother steven frist night in jail




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