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we don't tell someone who has an idol of materialism to burn all our posessions, we tell them to give them away -because not everyone has an idol of materialism.

I will say this... I've counseled people to get rid of the [b]secular[/b] music via the trash can. People can burn it if they feel led. But I've had people say to me "I think God is telling me to get rid of all my secular CD's... do you think I should sell them at yard sale prices, or just give them away?"

I always answer with an emphatic "Neither!"

Why would you take something you know is spiritual darkness and sell it to someone else... saved or unsaved? Thats like saying "I'm going to give up drinking. I'm gonna give all my Jack Daniels to my neighbor."

Just get rid of it.

If it's Christian music, thats different... but when it comes to secular music... think "landfill".


 2007/3/2 13:43



BenWilliams wrote:
For Krispy's peace of mind, I will restate my opinion on the issue, as it would appear that everyone thinks I believe one thing about this stuff when it is just not true.

Ok, here's the deal, I like rock music, I also like almost all other styles, minus country, polka and mariachi.

I believe in listening to any music, the number one concern is the spirit in the music. There are many Christian bands who write music that the words sound good, the music sounds good, but there is just something wrong with the song.

I believe that having that first concern will cause anyone to research a bands lyrics, and observe them for a while before making a final decision on them.

I believe that in the area of clothes that the bands wear, there is a lot of bad judgment by the bands themselves on what they should and should not wear. i.e. The hardcore scene wears girls jeans. They look like homosexuals because of it. And as Krispy mentioned, there are sometimes when the women dress a little inappropriate. Overall I think that their dress is fairly well sanctioned, as they know that there will be repercussions for anything that is too out of line.

I do believe that there is a major problem with bands tring to look so much like the world, that some of them do arrive, and then become the world. They are entangled once again in its snare.

I do not believe that using the rock music to draw a crowd, or a group of young people so that preaching can be done is in any way wrong. It is no different than marching through a street playing loud music and then preaching later.

Agree with 99% of that!

Careful, Ben, you will be getting like us old fuddy duddies (if you use that expression where you live) if you go on like this!

 2007/3/2 13:58

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I'v been there, and because I've lived the life and seen the destruction first hand I think that more than qualifies me to speak against it.

Aye, my experience is of little use to you, however.

David Reynolds

 2007/3/2 20:13Profile

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