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 Alternative medicine

Hi All

I am becoming increasingly concerned at the acceptance of various alternative therapies among even mature and otherwise discening Christians.

For example, things like reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy and even tai chi and yoga.

Of course, some herbs really are medicinal, and sometimes there's a very fine line between using plants which [i]God[/i] has provided for our use (either from the doctor or health food shops) and sliding over into occult practices, but many, or all, of the above list are obviously occult in origin.

What think ye?


 2007/2/26 4:55

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 Re: Alternative medicine


While it's true that alternative medicine has on the whole been claimed as an "invention" of the occult and is often used as bait to get people into the occult, I'm of the opinion a lot of what God created to be used as medicine has simply been hijacked. I don't think the enemy invented anything, he has only corrupted and distorted that which God has created.

Another aspect that is often overlooked is that western medicine is largely atheist and anti-Christ in it's views and methods. The problem is that we often tend to accept things from our own culture without re-examining it with the same scrutiny we apply to "foreign stuff".

Although I steer clear of anything that involves "something spiritual" such as Yoga, I am on the whole more mistrusting of western medicine.

I think both alternative and western medicine should be approached with healthy discernment.


 2007/2/26 7:43Profile


I agree... there is a lot of things found in nature that do have the benefit of promoting good health.

Just like God created sex between a husband and a wife to be a beautiful bonding experience between them, Satan has also perverted it into the debauchery we see today.

God also created many things in nature that benefit us in health related things, and Satan has taken it and perverted it into occultish things.

So dont be afraid of alternative medicines. Just be sure you do your homework because there are many "snake oil" salesmen out there who sell junk that doesnt do anything other than line their pockets.


 2007/2/26 8:18

 Re: Alternative medicine

things like reflexology

There are two sides to this practice. The scientific and the spiritual.

My Mother took the course and chewed on the science of the foot, but threw away the spiritual trash, because she saw it as a bunch of hokus pokus. Our family benefits from this 'workout', and it's not for the faint at heart. It is painful, but it's worth every minute.

Most practice with the spiritual side, and the stuff they get into is downright stupid. My sister went to one and the practioneer told her to hold a Tarot card, but she quickly tossed it aside. Others have practiced on those who are without a leg and will perform as if they had one.

It's the spiritism side of reflexology that destroys the confidence of those who are looking into this as a viable treatment.

I had an Acupuncture treatment a couple of years ago. I found no benefits whatsoever, some needle points were downright nasty. The practioneer claimed that this put her MS under control.

The other arts like Raiki and Yoga, I am very timid in trying that, as it all looks spooky to me.

 2007/2/26 12:35

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QUOTE: things like reflexology

Several years ago I asked our medical doctor about this, the theory that runs this practice. He told me reflexologists say all nerves end at the feet. Therefore, depending on where the foot is massaged, it will effect a corresponding organ. He said this is not true. He said the nerves go around your body from the spine and end there (Oh dear, I hope I saying this has been so long ago). Anyhow, the prevailing theory that drives this philosophy is not rooted in science.

But you did bring up an interesting question: what about Alternative Medicine? I used to frown on it, but I am now frowing on conventional medicine as well. I consider both to be a racket propelled by the love of money for many practioners. In our church conference, we have a pastor who is a physician. He told us many people are in medicine to make money; he is not - he is in it to help people, and he does.

We get lots of literature promoting the use of their concotions as a cure for whatever ails you with testimonies to support their claim. And I know herbs are effective in treating ailments and it is like another poster stated: its use has been hijacked by the enemy.

Now talk about the American Cancer Society: they run great fund-raisers every year and they pull in millions of money. Some have said it is a racket, I do not know. But I do know there is mounting evidence that abortions will make a female vulnerable to breast cancer. BUT they will deny this link. And why not? They say follow the money: they render cancer information assistance to Planned Parenthood, but deny the AB-breast cancer link. And people from PPH have served on the the ACS committee on the loal levels.

So there you go...who can you trust? Reckon, I will just stay at home and when I get sick, just use common sense, ask DH to pray for I am doing right now.

My two cents....


Sandra Miller

 2007/2/28 11:04Profile

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