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 Re: Catholicism

Hi Jamccor, hope you are well.

About the [i]Jehovah's Witnesses[/i], I found some articles at [url=]TowerToTruth[/url] to be really helpfull in dealing with them.

There is a significant number of them in the city and around where I live so I've had quite a few encounters with them. Let me know if perhaps I can be of any help in that regard.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/2/25 19:29Profile


I do encourage people to study these religions because we are in constant contact with these people, especially Catholics. They need to hear the gospel as much as anyone else, and Paul was not afraid to go into other cultures and religious areas and preach the gospel.

However, as I said, if you are going to witness to these folks [b]you have to first know what YOU believe![/b] If you do not, you can be deceived very quickly.

There is a verse in the O.T. that I ran across the other day that I think everyone needs to be aware of:

[b]Deu 12:30[/b] [i]Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou inquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise. [/i]

This is a little bit different than learning [b]about[/b] their ways in order to witness... but sometimes we approach it with a curiouosity that is more than just wanting to witness. We can be seduced if we are not careful.

So just beware... and make sure you know your Bible better than they know theirs. If you dont you are playing with fire.

If you do not know your Bible, stick to witness your testimony and do NOT get into a discussion about the scriptures other than the plan of salvation.

And I totally agree that it is usually an exercise in frustration to witness to these people, especially JW's and Mormons. My experience is that you will not lead them to the Lord at your front door. We plant a seed here, plant a seed there, and let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest. Catholics are equally hard, but we do have a better shot with them because they are not a closed society like the JW's and the Mormons. And most Catholics do not know what their religion teaches anyway... whereas JW's and Mormons are extremely well trained.

The true Church could learn a few things from them about discipleship.


 2007/2/26 8:27

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KrispyKrittr wrote:
I do encourage people to study these religions because we are in constant contact with these people, especially Catholics. They need to hear the gospel as much as anyone else, and Paul was not afraid to go into other cultures and religious areas and preach the gospel.


But, be very careful what resources you use for your information, I read several books on cults by Christians and then I listened to testimonies by former "whatevers" I came to find out what I read was not entirely true. :-( So even if I'd come into contact with those people I would have had false info on their beliefs.



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i have some of the questions from towertotruths page, i wrote some down and studied on it, and when i meet whit a witness, i asked, he did not answer one single question!!! he started talking about other things...started to question me..but i said can i ask you a question? and then you haven't answer my question...all the time bringing him back to the questions...but he didn't awns one single question , many of them are so "deluded" and brainwashed even if you hit em upon the head whit the truth they wont see it, we must pray and be lead of the spirit in these things...and as krispy said know what you believe, the Jeshovas get training to handle us "Christians", they learn how to run the discussion and so on, thats why its good to have the questions on apper...just look down and say as i said..

thats interesting but lets get back to this question...

but i must say, thay havent come back yet and knocked on my door.....


 2007/2/26 15:21Profile

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When dealing with any cult or false religion always cite authentic sources, and be prepared for the long haul.

I just wrote a large article about the evolution of the Church of Rome, and surprise, surprise, Catholics don't like it, but they have a problem - it has the Vatican Imprimatur and is their official 15 volume set of encyclopaedias, from 1913!

 2007/2/26 18:45Profile


Today, I went and met with a Korean doctor (to assist him with English), who I was introduced to when I first arrived here two years ago. He and his family are Catholic. Actually, he was born into a Buddist family, but then when he met his wife, he converted, then his mother and father did, too.

I knocked on his door (at his office) and he said come in. I asked him what he was doing and he said praying. I looked on his desk and saw a little book and prayer beads. I asked him about it, because I know very little about Catholics, even though my mom's side of the family claim that they are as well.

He and I got into a little discussion about Catholics versus Christianity and although my knowledge is limited, his side lacked truth. He mentioned about how Mary and Jesus are on equal grounds and Mary is intercession between God and us, because we are 'so sinful'. I asked, "why do we need Jesus, if Mary can handle it all?" He said that when Jesus was with Joesph and Mary in the city, because he went home after they were looking for him that that proves he must obey his mother: Mary :-( ?

Knowing that I could not back up my point with a lot of scripture or wisdom, I did ask why Jesus said the ones that are his mothers, sisters, and brothers, are those that believe the Father.

I asked him the Catholic view on Buddhists, especially, since he and his family were at one time. He said that Buddists can go to heaven, as well as muslims and anyone else. His point was about purgatory and that priests are often in Korea 'meeting' with Buddhists for insight.

Anyway, I am not God and I do not know his word enough to say either way, but I do know that it feels much different than what I have been learning and reading in the Bible. My prayer life has no mention of Mary and I know my prayers are being answered, but Catholics have a book dedicated to her and their bible is different.

I will research this more.

God Bless and thank You Jesus,

 2007/2/27 6:09


i found this which cleared some things up for me... is it reliable?

 2007/2/28 19:41

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 Re: Catholicism

I just got the basic training course from Ray Comfort

Why stop at the basic course?

Try Ray’s Online School of Biblical Evangelism. It has studies on how to witness to all sorts of people including Islam, Buddhism, Unitarianism, Mormonism, JW, Catholicism, and a few others.

If you enjoy the Way of the Master, you will LOVE this course. It’s very in depth in comparison to the basic course

It’s still a stepping stone, but it has some very insightful ways on approaching these people. Lots of other good information too.

Just my 2 cents



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I have found the following website to be useful:


 2007/2/28 20:49Profile


I met with the doctor (I teach him English. I am not his patient, actually, I find that he is my patient most days, rather than student) again today...

We talked about Catholics... after presenting him with some of the info that I have been researching over the past few days, he was a little shocked and much so that he wants to come to my church this week and he asked me to buy a Christian Bible. I picked one up after class!

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience.

It was funny, because on Monday, my fiancee and I went for a jog and we prayed before we went for the Spirit to lead us to anyone to witness to.

Along the way we witnessed to about 10 people. Of which was one or two backsliding christians, 2 atheists, 2 buddists, 2 unexpecting JW's, a stoke victim, who wasn't sure what to believe, and a nice smiling man that I said that I would like to see in heaven some day.

My fiancee likes to take a breather when we jog, so I told her that if we stop, we witness...

It's a great workout!

 2007/3/1 8:45

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