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 Sermon with Best Gospel Presentation

I am looking for a sermon that bests presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a non-believer in a true and convicting manner.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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 Re: Sermon with Best Gospel Presentation

You may want to go to a thread that was called
"Evangelism Sermons" in the lounge forum section.
The same question was asked in that post and there is some imput added that may help you.

God bless,



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 Re: Sermon with Best Gospel Presentation

Hell's Best Kept Secret, by Ray Comfort or Soundly Saved by Kirk Cameron, these are very similar messages. They teach from experience how using the 10 Commandments is the schoolmaster, a mirror to show sinners their need of forgiveness. Very powerful and provocative because their presentation includes actual documented footage of them witnessing to unbelievers, and the no-nonsense reality of God's Justice, Righteousness, Holiness, (by punishing murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, idolaters, etc) and Mercy (providing a life boat in Jesus Christ). This gospel presentation also reminds people there will be a day of Judgment, (it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this to face judgment. Heb 9:27) and describes how sinners can partake of the forgiveness and everlasting life promised through Jesus Christ. Go to Way of the and the sermons are free and available to listen right now.

 2004/4/1 0:14

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Yes, Kirk Cameron's presentation of Hell's Best Kept Secret and his web site is designed to teach regular Christians how to evangelize, and how to preach the whole counsel of God, from sin, judgment, righteousness, to repentance and Jesus' offer of forgiveness and everlasting life. I think a transcript of a complete Gospel presentation is available, too, so it's already typed up for you.


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