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 Burning Video Files

I'm not exactly a newby at this, however, I am having a little troubles converting the downloaded video files to DVD format so I can watch them on our TV. Is there a program you could recomend for the task at hand or does it have to do with the compression rate of the files? I've tried using Ulead's DVD movie factory, Nero's vision, Adobe's Premiere Pro, even Sorenson's squeeze. Sorenson freezes up...Ulead and Nero says there's no video data...Adobe will take some files but not others, (I'm trying to combine "All To Jesus", "Interview with Leonard Ravenhill", "Revival Hymn", and "Brokenness..." onto a DVD) It would seem that none of them support the .asx extention as used for the "Ravenhill" video. Premiere Pro will take "Brokenness, and "The Revival Hymn", But the "All To Jesus" audio files are unsupported. Any suggestions or help of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Would also be willing to offer DVD sevices, ( have a production facility), to anyone in need once I get this figured out.

Thank you for your time and troubles,


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 Re: Burning Video Files

I can't advise you on the DVD software, All I can sugest is you find a format that your favourite DVD burning program will recognise and then find a piece of software to convert the files you want to the file the software will accept. (I use 'SUPER' which is a free download but it may not do what you want)

Also, a .asx file is not a file but an "Advanced Stream Redirector File" which means it's function it to get the data off the net and onto your PC, you are streaming it, not downloading it. However you can access the file (ususally a .ASF file) because it does store it in a temporary folder on your PC. To find it is tricky as it is designed not to be found. you should try this method; asuming the file you want is called "video.asx"...and you're on XP

You need to make sure you've revently streamed the whole video, eg if you're using Mediaplayer then make sure it's filled up the bar across the bottom of the screen (this can take a while)

1)go to >Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > disc clean up

2)OK for Drive C if this is your main drive

3)a box will appear wherin the choice "temporary internet files" will be checked.

4)Click the Temporary internet filed icon next to the check box to highlight it and click 'view files'

5) if you order the folder to put the largest file first then the video should be at the top depending upon which other files you've downloaded recently. it is good practice to empty this folder regularly to save space.

6)you should find the original "video.ASF" file here, right click it, copy or move it to a folder of your choice.

Job done. However if it's not there then you are going to have to do a video search of the same file on the internet to see if you can get a different version of the same video.

Hope this helps some.



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Joined: 2005/7/16
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Thanks for lettting me know about "Super" it worked great. :-D If there is anything I could return to you in kind please let me know.


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