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 Hammer for the hard stone

We all know that the bible is filled with amazing things and many words people love to hate. Yet, we see that even from the beginning there have been such that did this. And yes, I use a manner of strong bibles, as well as the K.J. So read Psalm 81:9-11 (1537 Matthew's) There shalbe no strange god be in thee, neither shalt thou worshippe any other god. 10- I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egipt; open thy mouth wide and I shall fill it. 11- But my people wolde not heare my voyce and Israel would not obey me.

Yes, the Lord is true and that his hand is never shortened that it can not save.

The Lord has risen me up to deliver Israel and bring them back from the bondage that has risen up in this generation, and to push aside false beliefs about what other gods are. People never think of the gods of metal do they? (I mean molten images) Weren't they forbidden by Moses Lawe?
Don't yet be impatient with me, I am a younger man, but very seasoned, by the Lord's chastening.

Try the 1534 edition of Tyndale N.T- Mark 13:33-37 verse 33 Take hede, watch and praye, for ye know not when the time is. 34 As a man which is gone to a straunge country, and have left his house, and given auctorite to his servaunts. and to every manne his worke, and commanded the porter to watche. 35 Watche therefore, for ye knowenot when the master of the house will come, whether at evening or at midnight, or at the cock crowinge or the dawninge,36 lest if he should come sudddenly he should find ye sleeping. 37 And that I say unto you,I say unto all men, watche

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