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 A belated hello to all!

A belated hello to all

My name is Eddie and it seems I can’t ever get things right the first time because I want read the directions until later and that is what happened when I joined SI in December. I started reading the post and failed to notice this introductory point.

I am sure I would have felt more at home if I had found Hello first but I have never the less I have been accorded every courtesy to which I am truly grateful.

I have never posted before and I even wondered where I could place the thoughts that I started writing down as I studied the Bible and seeking more light.
I love to study God’s word and ponder the meaning of His message as it relates to me. I have had great teachers through tapes and the internet but the revelations of the Spirit of Truth are what I live for and search for in the Testimonies of other brothers and sisters in Christ that we can all edify and be edified in the body of Christ. In the spirit of Brotherly Love Eddie


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 Re: A belated hello to all!

Dear Eddie,

Hello to you too. You will find many here that have the same heart as you. Welcome and we look forward to getting to know you better.


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