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How about sharing our testimonies? I love hearing how God works in peoples lives.

God's Testimony in My Life.

I have always been raised in a Christian atmosphere and prayed a "sinners" prayer when I was three or four, but that was because I didn't want to go to hell. As I was growing I thought I was saved and went to church every week, but my heart hadn't been changed.

As I hit the pre-teen years I really started having rebellious thoughts and attitudes. I then got in with the wrong crowd and started listening in secret to secular rock music and watching things that I should not have watched.

Some friends then told me about porn and I got interested in it. Then I got hooked on it, but God in His mercy allowed me to be caught several times and then I kind of had a stand off with God. For a week I stopped playing church and was a real grief to my family.

My mom then gave me several tapes to listen to, but at first I didn't want to. Then I listened to them and I realized that I wasn't even saved. I was sort of shocked, but not totally because deep in my heart I knew what I was doing was very wrong.

After I truly repented, the Lord brought so many Christ-honouring books and tapes that it helped me get onto the narrow road. Church had new meaning and wasn't just a boring time that I had to sit through. Praise God!

Then about a year after my conversion, the Lord lead our family to an awesome youth ministry that has helped me so much. I've been in it for about three years now and am still being challenged and encouraged by it.

Praise God for His gentle leading, I know that without Him today I would still be totally lost.



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