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 Puritans...what do they know?


I have been hearing this term (puritan) more and more. I would like to hear what anyone knows about them or direct me to a good thread that will start me off.

My knowledge is limited, so a push in the right direction would be appreciated.

God Bless the Truth,
Brian :roll:

 2007/2/13 11:31

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Indiana USA

 Re: Puritans...what do they know?

Hello Brian

Here is a good place to get the basics.. Hope this helps.


God Bless



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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: Puritans...what do they know?

The puritans were a group in england who were bascially sick of the catholics and sick of the protestants and wanted a pure christianity. John Owen, John Bunyan and others.
It was at the time when Charles the second and Oliver Cromwell were fighting for the throne.
I still know very little!!

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Puritans...what do they know?

Hi theres some great audio bio by John Piper on this site

On the left side midway down..Theres sermon on Bunyan,Owen,Edwards (18cent so hes a bit later)

I think J Piper says on one sermon that puritans golden period is consider (simply) 1550-1660..He quotes J Packers book as a great resource..

After Cromwell won the civil war and beheaded Charles the 1st (not personally lol),he reined as lord protector..On his death Charles the second was brought back to be King (the restoration)..This caused even more puritans to travel to the USA for religious freedom..



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