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Joined: 2007/2/9
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Southern California


Not being the shy type, I have no difficulty in saying Hello! to everyone out there.

I am truly greatful to have found this site - it's getting hard even on the internet to find a place to share thoughts where people are actively interested in each other as they follow God.

I was called last year to write articles in a non-churchlike manner about Jesus for those that are unchurched and unlikely to be, as I am not in competition with any living Church.

I write what the Holy Spirit inspires me to write, but that means He chooses the topic and the points to be made, and I'm responsible for making sure that what I write is in line with Scripture.

I am orthodox, but not traditional; a literalist when it comes to dividing Scripture; and a Zionist in the best sense of the word, wanting what Israel wants for itself, and praying that along the way, they will find Jesus as well. I worry a good deal for them, and everyone else in the world, believing with my whole heart that we are in the terminal generation.

I am ordained to be an evangelist, and was stunned at being called. I was even more startled when I got my website up to discover that people were finding my site. I was overwhelmed when I got cards printed for my site, and started accosting complete strangers, asking them if they knew anyone who might be interested in God, but who would not be likely to go to a church.

Strangely, people are interested. I have the pleasure of finding Christians everywhere I go, or people just looking for a relationship with God.

I have even contacted old friends and associates, and asked them to review my site, and if they found my articles acceptable, to pass my website around. To my surprise, they agreed, because I don't want to compete with any congregation, and only want to reach the 'lost' relatives and friends of those who do attend a church.

I am blessed not to need funding for my site, which is very simple, and I need not use even my tithes or offerings for my ministry, though I am considered 'poor' in America. That is rich compared to just about everywhere else, and God meets all my needs, and most of my wants!

Most of all, I have wanted to find other saints to 'talk' to regularly, to give and receive comfort, to ask questions and answer them.

I am quite obsessed with God, and am blessed to have several hours a day to concentrate on Him, and His people. Being disabled these past 11 1/2 years, I have more hours than I have available brothers and sisters in Christ to talk to, particularly since very little of note happens to me. My friends are very kind and giving, but they have busy lives in which I do not want to intrude too much. And though all my friends and neighbors are Christians, and love to talk God, I fear I can be a bit overwhelming in my constant 'Godtalk'!

I live alone in my little house in the country, which in Southern California is somewhat of a miracle to have found, with my cherished Coyote Mutt, Chance. My Dad, aged 82, and a recent convert to Christianity, (Praise be to God!), lives just two miles away. I have good neighbors and good friends, and lack nothing but better health, which my Doctors are working on.

My disability is from an auto accident, in which I broke my neck, and scrambled my brains a bit. Fortunately, God used it all for good, and gave me three different healing miracles in the last 7 years. What I didn't know was that He was getting me ready to serve Him.

Most of the time, pain aside, (and oddly, I can put it aside for several hours a day) I find myself in great enjoyment of the restricted life I have been given. Being somewhat scholarly by nature, I have not found it oppressive to be housebound, and just now beginning to drive again, and consequently, receive better health care.

I take communion most mornings, then pray and worship God. I read, I watch the best teachers that are on television, I study, and I write. I also spend some time keeping up with the world, and watching all the signs of the times.

Yes, I greatly want to be healed, in my body, my mind, my soul, my psyche, and my spirit, so please, do pray for me. But mostly, pray for me to reach a few stray souls for God with my website.

Blessings to you all,

Forrest Anderson

 2007/2/13 4:38Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Introducing....Me!

A warm welcome dear sister.

Just got done tooling through your site and really loved your "About Me" section. Hope you find even [i]more[/i] to feed that hungry heart of yours through all that is available here.

Think you will find many like hearted here, there are some precious Brethren amongst us. Looking forward to hearing and sharing all of this vast incredible life with the Lord.

Mike Balog

 2007/2/13 8:01Profile

Joined: 2007/2/9
Posts: 640
Southern California

 Re: crsschk - A warm welcome!

Dear Mike,

You cannot imagine the blessing it is to find a pool of believers that just love the Lord and want to talk about Him.

Your message was so kind - that you would travail through the ream of information on myself in my site where I attempt to state my position on everything, (an impossible task, of course) is astonishing to me.

Out of all the sites I've found, I actually have this one now as my homepage - the first time I have truly desired to log into a site other than Earthlink, so that I can read, study, and perhaps write to others as soon as I 'go to work'.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Many Blessings,

Forrest Anderson

 2007/2/13 20:16Profile



Welcome! Actually, I am relatively new to this site as well, but as Christians, we ought to greet all brothers and sisters of Christ with warm, heartfelt, love.

I just read your introduction and have not had the chance to read your website, however, I get a strong sense of affection and warmth from your words. To be honest, I felt that from your first few words and not because you stated you were disabled from an accident.

This proves to me that love is true and pure through our Lord. New in my relationship with Jesus, I am continually learning and being corrected in my understanding, hopefully, by latching onto people like yourself, who have better understanding and wisdom, my path will be more fulfilling.

Anyway, like I said, Welcome! I just wanted to say hello from South Korea. I pray that God continues to bless you with what you need and also with the things you want. Take care and be strong in Christ.

God Bless those that dance for joy in their soul for our Lord,

 2007/2/14 19:37

Joined: 2007/1/30
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 Re: Introducing....Me!

Dear Sister,
It is late here and must sleep soon, but wanted to welcome you to this community. I glanced through your website and have promised myself to take a longer look soon. The little I read show a beautiful spirit and I am blessed to have you here with us.

My brother in law has also lived with severe pain for the last 30 plus years. A forflift fell on him when he was twenty, crushing his lower back. He has no paralisys and has learned to walk with the aid of two walking canes. It is very difficult for him to even stand, yet he fights thruogh it. The interesting thing about him is he is the sweetest, gentlest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Just amazing what God does with a redeemed heart. I truly believe those who suffer yet cling to Him find a faith that few of us can know.

In His Love,


Doug Fussell

 2007/2/14 23:53Profile

Joined: 2006/11/7
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 Re: Introducing....Me!

How nice to have you. I look forward to further dicussions in the future.

God bless you and your family


 2007/2/15 0:16Profile

Joined: 2007/1/21
Posts: 528
Southern USA


Welcome and may we all reap benefit from civil, unfiltered, open discussion in the public domain. Eddie


 2007/2/15 8:54Profile

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