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 Discipline - I'm Not Disciplined - How Do I Become Disciplined?

Hey guys,

I needed some help. I'm 17 and I'm not disciplined. For example, going to bed at a certain hour. Even if I can go to bed at a certain hour for a month lets just say, after a month I start to slack off and I go back to how I was before.

This is not just in sleeping, this is in every single thing, from washing my dishes after I eat to doing laundry.

According to Scripture I see two reasons why this is.

1) I'm lazy and 2) I love pleasure

That is where my thinking cannot go any further. I don't know how to cure my laziness and neither do I know how to not love pleasure and instead love God and do all things to His glory.

Thank you all,
Paul M.

 2007/2/13 3:53

Joined: 2006/6/10
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Northern Rockies, BC, Canada

 Re: Discipline - I'm Not Disciplined - How Do I Become Disciplined?

The flesh hates discipline.... it hates the cross.
Concerning your problem with sleep, I would recommend reading this sermon transcript by John Wesley titled [url=]On Redeeming The Time[/url].
I would also recommend listening to the featured sermon by Erlo Stegen.
Bad habits are hard to break. Just keep at it friend - we are all called to persevere.

The Lord christ Jesus bless you with Himself,


 2007/2/13 4:25Profile

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Discipline - I'm Not Disciplined - How Do I Become Disciplined?

Hey brother,

Some real practical advice... reverse the process. Do all the things you would not rather do first so that you can see the more 'pleasurable' things out in front of you. Apply it to everything. Think I started picking up on this around your age, one of those things "better caught than taught" from my folks. You will have to deny your thinking 'feelings', not allowing them to dominate. But it can be done, think of the Lord while you find yourself doing the remedial tasks of everyday life, how did he react while he walked amongst the people? His sacrifice of time, energy, even reacting with silence to accusation and slander, what [i]ruled[/i] Him?

And don't be discouraged brother, even some 25 years after the fact with all the changes in perspective, still there are areas to be conquered. Still find the lapses back into compltency... An example ... [i]bills[/i], ugh, (later, I will do it later) ... :-(

Mike Balog

 2007/2/13 8:52Profile

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Dear Paul m,

What brother Mike shared is exactly what I do. I do the unlovely things first and then I can take double joy in the pleasurable things because nothing is hanging over my head.

I will add my first focus of the day is bible and prayer which aren't unlovely, having done that the rest of the day goes much better. I have done this for many years. God and His word first, chores next and pleasure last. The most excellent order.


 2007/2/13 11:20Profile


Mike + Goldminer,

Thank you for sharing what I believe to be words of true wisdom. I have seen so much pride and puffing up on christian revival forums lately, this is a breath of fresh air to see brothers encouraging and building each other up.

I truly needed to read this thread today for many reasons. The Lord has been showing me that I have a problem with this too, I just couldnt put my finger on a practical solution until I read this post.

Blessings in Christ - Jim

 2007/2/13 11:39

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