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 John Macarthur

I saw him on Saturday. It was phenomenal message. I thought his style was awesome. He preached on Luke 15. He also said that "too many people are trying to make the Bible relevant for today when we need to take listeners back to Biblical times to show them what the text really is saying"; which is exactly what he did. He took us back to the biblical traditions in the passage we studied and how the surronding people would have reacted and how it would have applied.
Another thing he said that really really excellent was "you may own a Bible, but if you do not know the true meaning of Scripture you do not have God's word. The Scriptures are only God's Word if said in proper context."--Wow. That's a thought I know I will forever keep in mind while reading or listening to biblica teachings.

Listening to this man made me reallize how serious using Scriptures properly is. I may not agree with everything he says/teaches but he is diligent about truths of Scripture. Seeing him preach also made me really appreciate that their are people who love God's Word...not just experience or what can I get from God...but the Truths of God's Word.

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 Re: John Macarthur

Are you talking about Founders Week sponcered by Moody Bible Institute? C/ he spoke this year and that was he text and almost exact sayings when he spoke on Thursday night 2/8/07/. Def agree and was a great point especially to the listening audience, for that is the first step in applying hermeneutical principals to the study of the Word.

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 Re: John Macarthur

I have the MacArthur study Bible, (NKJV), and I find it extremely helpful. I keep it beside my computer so that I can quickly look up scripture references. Especially when I'm on Sermon Index and some comment uses scripture in a way that seems peculiar to me. I can look it up and get another oppinion, or a confirmation. C.M.

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