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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Obesity in the church? The SIN of gluttony.

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Another question for those who are physically fit. What do you think when you look in the mirror? Are you impressed? Do you ever think people look at you with envy or that others are lusting after you? Anyone willing to answer those questions honestly?

Good question. The answer is yes and no. For me, considering I am a diabetic... I dont have a choice in the matter. I have to be physically fit in order to live long enough to see my children reaching the world for Jesus as adults. I was diagnosed 6 years ago, and my diabetes is kept very well in control.

I am perhaps the most vain person I know. I will admit that. It is something I struggle with. But I think I would be vain whether I was fit or not. It's one of those areas that I struggle with. It's part of having a "type A" personality.

So that is a good question. And perhaps my awareness of my struggle is why I usually dont make a huge deal about gluttony in others. I dont want anyone to feel I'm looking down on them... or feel that they have to live up to the standards that I enforce on myself.


 2007/2/13 12:30

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We should help our brethren, but in humility

Amen Krisp,

Perhaps that overweight brother or sister could benifit from a workout partner. Perhaps you could benifit from being that partner. ;-)

Just wanting to be "thin", without health is vanity. Shame is a needless use of energy. Yet if all we recieve is rebuke and stares...even in our fellowships...then it's only natural to doubt there is anything more then superficial appearances to worry about.

I know the Lord loves and has compassion on overweight people. If we would express his heart we would be more ready to look for opportunities to help one another in this area as in other areas. Eating better and staying active is a way of life that requires more than spiritual "character" also requires physical training and nutritional knowledge. Struggling brothers and sisters will benifit greatly from someone who has walked this way longer to help them.

Now some people may not struggle with their "weight...that is their poundage. They are still as soft as a bag of marshmallows but because of their physiology they wear clothes in a way that meets our superficial judgement. In fact they may beleive these judgements about themselves...even though they are still quite unfit.

Now Owsald Chambers said, we can not confuse innocence and naivete with purity. Some of us have never had to deal with losing weight but that does not make us pure...only inexperienced. Again Oswald Chambers says that purity comes only through conflict. That is to say, the challenge here is not being innocent of weight gain, but engaging the problem and overcoming. Only the overcomer can talk meaningfully about purity. (This goes for other areas as well...)

So, the best person that can walk with us through these struggles isn't the fella that can eat a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and still appear thin. It's the fella that has overcome their own struggles and can talk with experience about how to succeed.

(I think that used to be known as sharing one anothers burdens... ;-) )



Mike Compton

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Josh, I listed some verses in my post. Maybe you didn't see them. I know my post was a little long :)

Your right, I did over look them. Sometimes I have a bad habit of just overlooking things on messageboards.

I really wasn't asking the question to prove a point, I just couldn't think of but 1 or 2 verses that deal with this issue. I thought there might be more but I just wasn't thinking of them.

Josh Parsley

 2007/2/13 14:10Profile


Do I see gluttony as a sin?

Chomp Chomp slurp gulp [b][color=CC0000]OINK[/color][/b] mean Yes!! :-P

 2007/2/13 14:51

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A great program that really emphasizes this is The Lord's Table at . It helps those who are enslaved to an obsession with food or weight.

Thanks, Chanin. I am going to check into this program.

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