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 O' love be a cure

[b]O' love be a cure[/b]

O' Divine Love,
You Who are called love,
surely Your love is a cure
for all manner of evil;
for it was in love
that You gave Your beloved Son,
for the sins of the World.
I recognise in myself
the evil of envy;
let Your love be a cure to me.

The whole family,
both in Heaven,
and on Earth,
is named for Thee;
and You have commanded me to love,
but especially those of Thy own house.

Are not their victories,
my victories,
and their defeats my own?
Ohh gracious and Self-Giving God,
cause me to see through
the eyes of eternity
and look upon that day
when in perfect bliss
we shall all rejoice together:
in what You have wrought,
in all things that You have given,
in everything, that You
in wisdom have witheld.
In that day there shall be
no room for envy,
for though we may all yet
differ in the glories
of that World to come,
yet none shall dare call
anything his own.

Renew in me the heart
of my Elder Brother Jesus,
of Whom I also am made Thine hier,
for He prayed

"all mine are thine,

and thine are mine"

In doing so cause me also
to walk in this world
as poor,
yet making many rich,
as having nothing,
and yet possessing all things.
Enlarge my heart O' God
to contain more of Thy boundless love!

I do not want to wait for that day
to live unto others,
to rejoice with them that rejoice,
to share in their sorrows,
and take them as my own.

Is my brother more gifted than I?
Let me rejoice in His gift,
trust in Your wisdom in giving it,
and with joy of my own
delight in the knowledge that:
whatever good he does accomplish
with the gift in Thy service,
one day we shall all enjoy
it's benefit together,
when we see it in Thy Kingdom come,
when we are finally home.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/2/10 19:05Profile

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